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Why pursue a course in Music?

Kamata Music and Media School the best music institution offering music lessons in Kenya. We train people to realize a career in the music industry. In the current world, Music is among the most paying industries in the world. There is so much that can be ripped out of this magnificent industry. People who find music to be paying today never actually had an interest in being celebrities. Some were not born with the talent in an area of music.

It is not every celebrity you see has talent. The reason for this argument is very simple: Very many talented individuals have recorded cool music and they and their friends are the only ones who know how good they are. Music goes way beyond being a talent-based industry.


The music industry like any other industry is a business. If one fails to understand this, that person is very unlikely to get anything out of the music he or she creates as much as he or she is good.

So who can be a successful musician?

We being the Best Music School in Nairobi, Kenya and East Africa know that any music enthusiast has a full potential of being a successful musician. The next segment of this article is designed to help you understand who can be a musician.

1. Music Lovers

Do you love listening to music? Does it make you feel kind of high when you listen to it? The feeling it gives you is some kind of a trance mode. Every musician kind of has that feeling when they sing. We are all in the music industry in various departments because we love music. You too can be part of it and have your fair portion of this industry. Even if you have never thought about becoming a musician, you can make it a career. People land on jobs they never wished they could be in when they were young and some become successful. You might not be talented like many are but with the right training, you can become a good musician. Out of the many students we have had at our school, some came in because of their love for music not knowing that it could help them have shelter on their heads realize that and food on their table. We are good at making people develop great musical skills. That is what makes us the best music school. You too can be part of the many people we have nurtured.


2. Bathroom Musicians

Do you sing in the bathroom? Well, you could be shy about singing when with your peers. However, you can still be a stage musician if you beat your fears. I have used the term bathroom musicians because that is the only best term I can use to describe individuals who like singing when they are taking a shower or a bath. I know of some very skilled Pianists and Guitarists whom we have coached and when asked if they can sing, they say “No I only sing when I am taking a shower.” If you can do it in the shower, you can also do it before an audience. All you need is have balls and the proper training for us. We can help you beat your fears and also give you the right coaching that will give you confidence that will help you take away the crowd. Don’t wait any longer we have your back.


3. Sing along musicians

A musician is anyone who sings. It doesn’t matter how you do it. As long as you can sing. Even if you are singing along to your favorite song, you can make a good musician. In a live music concert, there is always a lead singer or vocalist and a one or two back up vocalists. These artists help the lead vocalist sing. For this reason, I can confidently come up with a conclusion that “Sing along musicians” can also make great on-stage musicians. Like I did mention in the previous paragraphs, I am going to mention this once again. With the right coaching, “Sing along musicians can also be musicians.

Singing lessons.

Join our school and get the right training that will make you a good musician. We have helped many realize how good their voices are. You too can make a great musician. Come our doors are wide open. We have a place for you.

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