Watch Video: Eric Omondi, King Of Comedy Brutally beaten and Arrested.


He tried resisting arrest after he was accosted by the police who forced him into a car. He had forcefully tried to access the Parliament building.

He was later contained and taken into police custody after the ‘drama’

He had earlier on pledged to storm parliament to petition lawmakers to legislate over the playtime for Kenyan music. Other petitions included better pay for artists as well as equal performance opportunities like those offered to foreign artists.

Eric has previously been assaulting his fellow artists calling them LAZY!!

“The Kenyan entertainment scene is dead!!! We have lost our glory. we have become a cemetery! It is utter disgrace that our musicians have become mere curtain raisers for international acts. we have become clowns in our own land. every weekend there is a group of 3 or 4 foreign artists in this city Nairobi” he wrote


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