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Voice Training Worth Getting Excited About

Remember, all professional singers and thought leaders use coaches throughout their entire careers to advance to higher

levels, creatively and professionally! Remember, your vocal cords are muscles. Muscles can be damaged from improper use, weakened by lack of exercise or strengthened by proper use and exercise.

We teach you how to strengthen your vocal muscles. Want to sing better, higher, lower, more powerfully, without a break?

Want to take your live show to the next level? Need help with your songwriting and turning your songs into recorded hits?

Want to find YOUR place in music? Are you ready to take on your music career?

Kamata School Offers;

  • Voice instruction and vocal coaching
  • Stage performance instruction through a structured curriculum
  • Customized live performance coaching
  • Songwriting consultation and assistance
  • Demo song development, arrangement, instrumental and vocal production



Step 1Use of leading-edge scientific advancements combined with a broad range of traditional methodologies to engage your Full Vocal System in ways no other training can offer. These tools are the key to build a strong foundation locally.

Step 2 This training is about YOU! Develop a presence to consistently produce a confident authentic delivery by developing your stage style, and using your voice to make an impact on your audience through presenting yourself and being present in order to be fully engaged with your audience

Step 3 Stepping outside the box. This by far is the most powerful training available today. We teach you skillful techniques to exercise your vocal muscles to reach capabilities you never could have reached. Kamata School will help you elevate yourself to reach greater levels of personal excellence.


  • One-On-One Voice Training (Singing, Presentation Skills)
  • Group Sessions
  • Live Sessions

Each of the sessions takes 1Hr.

Flexible time schedule

What People are saying

  • You didn’t try to change my voice. Instead, you helped me bring out the best in the voice I already have. You got me to do what I have never been able to do.
  • You tell me the truth about my voice. I was confused before. You didn’t just explain things to me you got me to do things properly.
  • One lesson with you is like ten elsewhere. I had not worked with anyone this good before. I respect your knowledge and appreciate what your coaching has done for me. Thank you.

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