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A Vocal Coach guides a Student through his/her repertoire of songs and in-turn gives feedback on how to correct and execute their Articulation, pitch, volume, Vocal phrasing, breath control, and an overall approach of the given song. The Teacher ensures that the student listens carefully to the lyrics of the song to learn it correctly.

You could be asking, What are the Advantages of Voice Coaching?

Usually, Our Voice coaching curriculum includes different courses such as Music theory, Singing, song writing, and audio recording. The curriculum is as so, so that you can acquire a complete education in this field.

Voice over sessions

At the end of the program, we will offer you a Certificate to clearly show that you have pursued a course in Voice Coaching. The Certifications may be useful if one is willing to teach Music in the future.

The Course fee is Friendly and affordable, and without forgetting, the classes are offered at your convenient time.

Standing in-front of people, crowd, or any given stage and beautifully deliver a speech, sing a song, or perform a spoken word needs Courage. Our Voice Coaching lessons incorporate stage lessons to ensure that once the learner is able to attain a good Voce, he/she is also able to Perform in-front of people despite the number or class, our Teachers will help you build courage within yourself to overcome the stage freight.

Also, With us, is a School Band, Kamata School Band. This a platform that help students practice their skills as well as earn through it by performing in events on behalf of the School. It is a platform that is greatly embraced by our students and clients whom we have had the privilege to work with.

Voice coaching lessons at kamata school.

You are welcome to join us and we will show you what it takes to have brilliant performances so that you can live your big dream and make your Impact.

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