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The Best Videography Courses in Nairobi, Kenya.

Videography Course
Learn Videography at Kamata School


Kamata School is an institution offering certificate and diploma courses in videography and photography.

As a renowned center of excellence in videography training, Kamata School has a team of well qualified, graduate lecturers who hold a wealth of experience in video production.




  • Learn to operate a video camera and related equipment.
  • Capture well composed video images.
  • Capture good quality and audible sound.
  • Edit video and audio into a compelling story.


Each student at Kamata School studying Videography shall acquire:


  • An in-depth understanding of operating a video camera.
  • The basic principles of how to capture great videos and audio.
  • How to edit videos and audio.
  • How to tell an impelling story by combining video and audio.


Class Participation


Participation is always valued and is expected of all students. Each student should make an effort to contribute in all classroom discussions. Participating in class enlarges the student’s horizon of understanding and also creates a room for students at Kamata School to learn from each other.


Our students are engaged in assignments that sharpen their practical skills on the camera, as well as editing skills. These are real projects that greatly resemble the work environment.


Grading Components

The following are the major areas by which each assignment may be reviewed and


  • Video stability
  • Use of proper settings on camera
  • Tri-pod usage
  • Following directions of assignment
  • Hand-held shots
  • Jump cuts
  • Content
  • Audio quality
  • Framing
  • Screen Direction
  • Pacing
  • Sequencing
  • Use of audio
  • Storytelling


Welcome to Kamata School of Videography and Photography, we’re located in Nairobi Kenya at Queensway House.

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