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Kamata Music and Media School does offer the best Video Production Lessons in Kenya. Our video production lessons have been designed to enable the learner to grasp the content being taught systematically and gradually until the entire package is completed. The individual who is in charge of the Camera and light crews in the film or video production industry is called a cinematographer. The cinematographer is typically the guy who gets involved in an entire production’s life cycle. Cinematographers liaise closely with film or video directors to create the final film or video you watch on your screens.


While studying videography at our institution, you will learn how you can dissect the screenplay, various film and cinematic techniques that can be applied in various situations and stages of film production, create shot lists and lighting diagrams, and manage the camera and light crews. You will also learn how you can create and make decisions about cinematic elements, camera movements, various lighting techniques, aspect ratios and digital effects, image contrast and many other things that will need critical professional decisions.

As a video producer, you will learn how you can take control of your creativity. I must admit that this industry being part of the visual arts does require critical thinking to arrive at an attractive final product that will catch the viewers’ attention. Not unless you will have the interests of creating stuff only you can watch, thinking outside the box will be part of your daily endeavors in your film production career. You will be required to come up with ideas that will enable you to create and sell amazing films. You will have to master techniques and think of how you can apply them in various situations and projects. Your success in the creation of content that will draw the attention of your viewers will need your brains!


Kamata Music and Media School has simplified all this for you! All you need is take charge of your new profession by studying its ins and outs. Studying with us will open doors for your involvement in other areas within the entertainment industry. This is because we have included the entertainment management lessons in the video production curriculum. Come join our school and realize new opportunities!


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