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She slayed In the delivery room as she had promised!

Mama princess Asia!

Vera Sidika, the socialite honoured her promise of slaying into the delivery room with a fresh face beat.

Vera talked to her social fans in July telling how willing she was to spend sh1 million so as to slay during the birth of her first born baby which happened to be a girl.

The socialite also said that she was ready for a selective CS as she has never imagined going through labour.

“They say CS is expensive but if you really want it you’d prepare better even if you don’t have money. That’s 9 months of saving. For private hospitals case is super different, you could part with a whooping Sh1 million for CS delivery and the whole VIP treatment. But hey! We don’t get pregnant everyday so why not?” wrote Vera.

Vera hired a makeup artist for a full face beat before she went into the delivery room.

“I woke @Miss_Keysha_makeup for my make appointment coz my CS admission was early morning.

“You all thought I was joking when I said I will slay at my delivery, oh well I actually meant it. Hair, make up, nails, everything on check. I’m happy, Vee does what Vee wants,” said Vera Sidika.

The socialite went on to say that she intentionally picked October 20th as her delivery date, so that her daughter could always celebrate her birthday on a holiday“Since elective CS allows you to select a date within a particular timeframe.

“I personally chose the date 20th, October 2021, so she can be celebrating her Birthdays from home with family. Since it’s a public holiday – Mashujaa Day. And phwex! Curfew got lifted a few hours right after she was born, such a blessing,” shared Ms Sidika.

Vera and Mauzo welcomed a bouncing baby girl into their family named Princess Asia Brown on October 20, at exactly 10:21 am.

“You will always be the miracle that makes our life complete.”


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