Vera sidika hints on her baby No. 2.

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Socialite Vera sidika talking of baby No. 2, No.1 is not even out yet.

Mauzos girlfriend/wife Vera Sidika is already talking about her baby number two a few weeks to the due date of her first pregnancy.

On her social media account, Vera updated on her pregnancy journey insisting that hers has been a smooth one.

Vera feels like she can do another term come 2022. “8 and a half months has been a smooth ride. Honestly I’d do this again next year, it’s so much fun. I’m enjoying it.”

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Vera’s pregnancy seems to not have brought her any distress as it is common to many women.

“Some people have zero symptoms. Like me, the only pregnancy symptom I have is a missed period and a huge belly with a little human inside kicking. I’m still very super active.

“I only felt heartburn once ever. A bad one but only one day and it was gone. I felt pelvic pain for two days only and I think it’s because my belly was stretching and baby moving down. Never again,” she said.

Vera announced her upcoming baby shower, saying that it will be in the coming month of October though she didn’t give the exact date.

This whole thing of Baby shower is supposed to be a surprise is pretty much old school. My thoughts. Life has changed. People plan their own Baby showers and make them stand out. And have everything they wanted at their party.” She said

“Tell me you are fake without telling me you are fake. Coz why would I walk in and act surprised knowing so well I knew my friends would surprise me with a party… if you can afford to plan a baby shower, do it, it’s your day. Don’t just sit wait for your friends to do it for you,” Vera explained.

Vera and her Tanzanian husband Brian Mauzo got plans to star in an upcoming reality show on their pregnancy journey. Eugene Mbugua, a Kenyan film maker said that his company is so interested in doing the reality show.

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Eugene said “Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo are about to embark on the journey of parenting, and we have begun conversations to see what content we can partner on with them. We are very excited about the potential partnership.”


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