Vanessa and Rotimi welcomes baby Seven.

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Vanessa mdee and Rotimi welcomes baby Boy.
Baby Seven is here!!
Vanessa Mdee on September 29, 2021 announced the birth of her son named Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho.

Both Vanessa and Rotimi were excited to welcome their first kid. Olurotimi Akinosho alias Rotimi posted a photo of their newborn in their social media pages for their followers to see the new born.

Baby seven’s first outfit is suspected to be a blue, it was spotted in vanessa’a unpacked bag in hospital. In the bag was also a baby’s blanket branded with the babys name.

The price of baby Seven’s outfit indicated that it could have costed at least Ksh28,800.
Vanessa’s pregnancy was so smooth.

In a previous interview with People Magazine, the couple revealed that they were going to have a son.
She said, “He’s been so good to us. No real pain or symptoms.”

“Some funny cravings and food aversions here and there. It’s been much harder in these final weeks because he’s preparing his arrival, but all in all, we’ve been super blessed,” she disclosed.


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