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TV and Film Production In Kenya
Best TV and Film Production In Kenya

Kamata School is the leading institution offering TV and Film Production Course In Kenya. In addition, we bring up many professional producers in the region. We invest heavily in modern equipment to provide lessons based on the current trends in Tv and Film Production.

We have highly qualified staff dedicated to guiding and helping you achieve your dreams. Therefore; we assure you of quality training. Furthermore, the course is practice based. Of course, if you study this course at Kamata School, you will develop as a highly skilled professional. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Film and Television industry.

TV and Film Production Course Structure

  • Duration

To begin with, the TV and Film training course is undertaken in 4 semesters. That is to say, each semester takes  3 months.

  • Class Frequency

Second, we hold classes 3 days a week. The student can choose whether to have TV and Film production lessons during the day or undertake part-time study in the evenings and Saturdays.

  • TV and Film Production Content

TV and Film production training focuses on equipping you with skills, knowledge, and experience to use Audiovisual equipment. Also, you will learn how to create Films, Documentaries, TV Programs, News, and Entertainment content. Equally important, you will learn how to tell stories and keep your audience interested, entertained, and informed by your production.

  • Goal

By studying this course, you will develop as a comprehensive understanding of the Film and Television industry. Likewise, TV and Film production requires a substantive theoretical foundation. As a result, this shall form the basis of well-skilled practical application.

  • Technical Skills

You will learn Video Coverage, Video Editing, Sound Design, Photography, Photo Editing, Script Writing, Film Directing, Casting, and Online TV.

  • Business Skills

You will interact and learn from Media House owners. For this reason, Kamata TV and Film production school collaborate with owners of TV and Radio stations. Furthermore, our students get Entertainment Management skills. We commit to your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, worker or even an owner of a Media House.

  • TV and Film Production Career Opportunities

Kamata School of TV and Film production opens doors of opportunities in the career fields listed below. You will gain skills to build a career as a:

  • Director.
  • Screenwriter
  • Editor
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Telecommunications researcher
  • Television camera operator
  • Executive Producer


Why Study at Kamata School of Film and TV Production?

  • We understand the subject

Kamata School of Film composes of a team that commits to delivering the best in film and TV production. A quick run-through on this page will tell you that we are best for this job. We understand what we are doing and teaching.

  • We believe in people

Our TV and Film production School engages the Best Qualified people. Nevertheless, lecturers blend well with their students. Ultimately, our most significant investment is in people. In fact, we want you to become a great person. We shall be grateful if you allow us to play a role in your growth.

  • Kamata School has an excellent reputation

Kamata School has earned an excellent reputation as a School of Choice for creative disciplines. Join the leading school in Kenya.

  • Networks and opportunities

At Kamata School, you will not only gain technical skills but also, you will meet professionals in Film and TV Production.

  • Friendly Environment

In conclusion, our staff will serve you well right from the reception. Our classes and the administration office are dedicated to serve you. In addition, the environment at Kamata School makes your stay with us a memorable moment that you shall live to cherish.


Welcome to Kamata TV and Film Production class.

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