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Kamata Music school provides top piano lessons. therefore, we confidently help our learners to play songs on the piano. Besides, we Explore the basics of playing the piano, beginning with the keyboard structure.

Through our piano lessons we will be able to teach basic things that include;

  • tones
  • scales
  • interval chords while you practice them on the piano.

Hence will practice all your new skills using two popular songs to be ready to progress to the intermediate lessons.


top Piano Lessons-Kamata Music School
Learning Piano


Our music school offers the top piano lessons in Kenya for students from Rwanda, Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania, Uganda, and other countries. Therefore, Our music school is a distinguished leader in music learning in Kenya and East Africa. Hence we are known for our ability to help students play the piano within a short period.

Our Music teachers are patient and passionate about teaching. Thus they will guide you through every step of learning how to play the piano. They will also help you to develop your musical skills and knowledge.

Our piano lesson structure;

Semester 1:

Introduction to the Piano Basic Music Theory

Semester 2:

Intermediate Music Theory Piano Technique

Semester 3:

Advanced Music Theory Piano Repertoire


Why Kamata Music School is considered top in piano lessons?

      Serene learning environment

  • Through our piano lessons, we want you to feel happy in our classes. therefore, We create an upbeat mood to help you feel your best.

  Well-trained teachers with versed knowledge of piano

  • Our tutors are experienced in their field and passionate about teaching. Hence, they are highly qualified and have undergone rigorous training. They are also friendly and approachable. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Secure career opportunities

  • We are the bridge to your addition, we present opportunities to every person that desires to widen their horizon in entertainment. Hence you will meet potential clients, employers, and friends.

Centrally geographically located

  • Kamata music school is centrally located in the CBD of Nairobi. thus, offering a unique and stimulating environment in which to study.

  Highly-ranked piano lessons in the region

  • Kamata music school has an excellent reputation and is the top school that offers piano lessons in Kenya.


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