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Kamata Music School is the leader in Music teaching in Kenya. Having trained over 4,000 music students, Kamata Music School is transforming the landscape of Music and Entertainment in Nairobi, Kenya and the wider Africa continent.

Kamata Music School instructs in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Violin, Saxophone, DJ and Music Production. Our Music students emerge with great technical and musical skills and are able to express their art and music passion in the most in-depth fashion. Kamata Music School has engaged some of the highest qualified and experienced Music instructors in Nairobi. We are conveniently located in Nairobi CBD along Moi Avenue and also teach Music privately from the client’s location. In Nairobi, we boast the highest number of Music student enrollment and have trained some of the biggest names in Entertainment in Kenya.

Learning music has a wide scope of advantages that can transform you. Aside from being a fun pressure reliever, music enhances your well being, as well as upgrades your psychological capacity. While the facts might demonstrate that kids have a simpler time learning music, you are never too old figure out how to music.

In this article, we’ll give you a few hints to kick you off with learning music as a grown-up. We base these tips on the focal points and difficulties you look as a grown-up learning music in Nairobi.

Here are the focal points and Challenges of Learning Music as an Adult, Kamata Music School is very pivotal in helping you achieve your Musical aspirations.

Learning music as a grown-up has its advantages over learning music when you’re youthful. We should make full utilization of these focal points for powerful learning. In Kenya, the majority of grown folks did not get an opportunity to learn Music in School. If you’re in Nairobi, you can still achieve this goal by visiting Kamata Music School.

Kamata Music School embraces and supports deeper comprehension of music

As you develop into a grown-up, you have a more profound comprehension of music both diagnostically and inwardly.

Grown-ups will in general have a less demanding time understanding music hypothesis than kids. Harmony movements and basic themes may sound new to youngsters yet grown-ups who have spent their lives tuning in to an assortment of music will discover them simpler to perceive. Likewise, grown-ups think that it’s less demanding to identify with the emotions that underlie music pieces.

Grown-ups have the vital development and pertinent beneficial encounters to feel for the musings and messages that musicians need to pass on. While kids may have able specialized capacity, they probably won’t comprehend the profound enthusiasm and aching that underlies melodies like Eric Wainaina’s Ritwa riaku melody. In Kenya we have great music that students at Kamata Music School get to explore. In a comparative vein, the feelings in established music are progressively open to grown-ups. For example, a portion of Chopin’s work like Prelude in E minor passes on profound despairing that may be lost on more youthful students.

More noteworthy drive to learn music in Nairobi Kenya, grown-up learning music


It is normally said that 10000 hours of training is expected to ace any art. At Kamata Music School we do emphasize that to become a Music master you shall need to put in hours of practice. That is how Kamata Music School has created great Musicians in Nairobi.


In like manner, learning music requires tolerance, discipline, and continued premium. As a grown-up who (doubtlessly) pays for your very own music instruction, you are in all probability learning music since you need to, and not on the grounds that your folks are compelling you. With your inspiration, you will think that it’s less demanding to remain focused on music practice and create authority. Kids are more averse to have this control.

It’s not all roses however. Learning music as a grown-up accompanies one of kind difficulties that youngsters don’t normally confront. We should work around these difficulties.

We are altogether occupied. We have our occupations and professions to fabricate, maturing guardians and developing children to deal with, companions to stay in contact with, and tasks to do…the list continues forever. While we may have the inspiration to rehearse, our obligations can make it elusive an opportunity to practice or focus on standard exercises


Elevated standards


Some of the time, we have unreasonably exclusive requirements for ourselves. We plan to play just as our most loved artists or gifted companions inside a brief span. In any case, these artists have put in numerous long periods of training to get that great at their instruments. To keep away from dissatisfaction and disappointment, we have to perceive that it requires investment to accomplish dominance of our instruments and set feasible objectives.


Physical confinements


While a few of us may have the capacity to put in long stretches of training every day, we may in the long run experience torment, particularly when we first begin learning music. Hardened necks and shoulders just as terrible hips can prevent us from putting in the measure of training we want and move toward becoming obstacles to learning music.


Things Adult Music Learners Should Do

Remembering the favorable circumstances and difficulties we’ve delineated over, these tips will enable you to benefit from learning music.

Distinguish what sorts of music you like

It is just regular that we would need to play music that we as of now appreciate tuning in to. As grown-ups, we no doubt have grown clear music inclinations. We are all the more sincerely connected by a few kinds of music than others. This isn’t normally the situation for youthful kids as their music inclinations are as yet being formed.

Learning music that we like keeps us spurred to keep rehearsing. Experience your music library and distinguish the sorts of music that you like. You may think that its supportive to begin from a specific craftsman, arranger, or classification. Next, discover what you have to play that style. One great approach to do this is to search for melody covers on Youtube. Some of the time, you may even discover connections to sheet music in the video portrayals.

You ought to likewise recognize what precisely you like about the music. On the off chance that you like Guns and Roses, do you like Axl Rose’s melodic singing? Or then again would you say you are captivated with Slash’s guitar performances? Maybe you like the beat given by the drums and bass?

Pick your instrument cautiously grown-up learning music

A few instruments are more reasonable for a few styles than others. In case you’re an aficionado of shake and metal, you may like to get familiar with the electric guitar or the drums. In the event that you like traditional music, the piano or violin may be all the more fascinating. While it is conceivable to do fronts of established music on the electric guitar and versions of metal head bangers on the piano, you will think that it’s all the more captivating to gain proficiency with an instrument that accommodates your favored classification of music.

You should pick an instrument that suits your way of life as well. Do you have the space to have a piano in your home? In the event that you are continually progressing, picking a progressively versatile instrument like the clarinet may be best. On the off chance that you have thin dividers and crotchety neighbors, an advanced piano with customizable volume may be generally appropriate.

While you have a favored style of music, it’s vital to keep a receptive outlook to new kinds of music.

For example, despite the fact that you may be keen on pop piano, learning and tuning in to Baroque music can’t hurt. You may get new thoughts and even develop to appreciate it. You’ll be astounded to discover that there are well known jazz interpretations and metal fronts of Bach’s music that you may appreciate.


Besides, acing Baroque pieces can enhance your aptitudes. For instance, rehearsing Bach’s three-section Sinfonias can prepare your ear to recognize song lines and enhance the skill of your fingers as you play numerous tunes on the double.

Clear diversions

Practice time ought to be sacrosanct. There ought not be any diversions while rehearsing. Try not to cook soup, talking about undertakings on Facebook Messenger, or helping your youngsters with their homework as you practice. When you practice music, you ought to be altogether centered around sharpening your musicianship.

This requires some level of self-restraint. Consider setting a clock before you as you practice. Ensure you continue rehearsing until the point when the ideal time has slipped by. Something else you can do is to make a helpful practice condition. Have a music corner or room in your home without anything to occupy you. There ought to be no PCs, cell phones, or crying infants in your consecrated place for music practice.

Fortunately you ought to have the capacity to effectively find a way to limit diversions. As you are learning music since you need to, you have the assurance to benefit from your training sessions. Youngsters will require more supervision with this.

Set a timetable however be adaptable in the meantime time and gain music as grown-up

In the event that you plan to “practice as and when it’s advantageous,” you’ll likely finish up getting next to no training.

You should set a training timetable to enable you to stay aware of your learning. Practice sessions ought to be ordinary and coordinated with the end goal that diversions are limited. Getting assistance from your accomplice or life partner to limit diversions for you goes far, particularly when kids are included.

Practice sessions don’t should be excessively long. Around 30 minutes each time is adequate. On the off chance that even 30 minutes is excessively long, you can search for different free periods in your day in which you can rehearse from 10 to 12 minutes, which relates pleasantly with our normal grown-up capacity to focus. You can likewise anticipate various “music breaks” in the day, to destress before preparing for your next undertaking of the day.

While you should plan normal practice, you ought to stay adaptable too. Some of the time, you may have more imperative activities than rehearsing music. It could be a medicinal arrangement, your tyke’s show presentation, or a companion’s birthday festivity. You ought to be sufficiently adaptable to have a “Plan B” on the off chance that you need to miss your training session. Have elective courses of action as a primary concern. You can rehearse at an increasingly advantageous time, or have a more drawn out session whenever.


As you plan your training plan, have some thought of what you need to accomplish in every session. To ace any bit of music, you require a particular arrangement with quantifiable results. In case you’re proposing to ace a long sonata, it breaks the piece into littler bits, and ace the piece a tiny bit at a time. You may discover our guide on arranging practice sessions helpful.

Be reasonable and persistent

You can’t progress toward becoming Jimi Hendrix medium-term. Neither would you be able to get to a dimension of capability to stick with your companion who has been playing in groups since they were twelve. It takes long stretches of training (and numerous mishaps) to get comparable to your most loved artists. Be that as it may, with customary practice, you can get to a good dimension of competency which will awe yourselves, as well as your loved ones.

In the event that a piece is route past your dimension of capability, think about searching for simpler adaptations of the piece. There are many disentangled renditions of acclaimed pieces accessible on the web and in books. Look at our free sheet music for apprentices here.

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