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Kamata music school is one of the best music schools in East and central Africa. This is because it is well equipped with the latest instruments, acoustic studios and has some of the best music and entertainment lecturers this side of the Sahara. It has a great reputation that precedes all other music schools in the region. Kamata music school is committed to helping you discover the benefits of learning music. According to psychologists playing a musical instrument improves memorization and concentration skills that can help students in other areas of study or day to day activities. It also helps relieve the pressure that can cause depression or anxiety, therefore, it’s very therapeutic.

Researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, dimensional reasoning, and literacy skills. Playing an instrument makes you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power. It also helps one expand his/her social circle, and also builds skills in teamwork and leadership, some music involves a team of different instrumentalists playing different kinds of musical instruments in tune and moving the audience emotionally this is because it’s an expression of the musicians’ moods and emotions. Playing an instrument helps build self-confidence as it helps one get comfortable with self-expression. Good music will always strike an emotional chord in the listener even without any words.

Practicing how to play a musical instrument improves one’s patience; it’s a very important lesson to learn. After a bit of time, you’ll see great improvement in confidence and skill. Learning how to play an instrument helps greatly in gaining time management skills. Learning takes effort and time and therefore will help you understand that if you want to be good at something you have to be very well organized and manage your time well. Being a good instrumentalist doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time so one needs patience and discipline, this intern reciprocates in other daily activities and ventures. According to psychologists rehearsing and improving a melodic piece improves the imaginative side of your mind. It is paramount that the player inject some of their personality into the music because it makes the piece stand out and also original.


Expressing yourself through music makes a section of the audience feel drawn towards you and also understand your feelings at that particular time so You have to feel the song. Singing with emotions is a huge factor in vocal recording or singing in front of an audience. A singer needs to Use facial expressions to stress what he/she is singing about, the best way to practice this is to sing in front of the mirror and always look for eye-contact of your audience. A singer should also choose a song he/she can relate to, this will help them express their feelings in the song and move the audience emotionally. Emotional songs are very easy for the audience to remember especially ones that the audience can relate to be it sad or happy. The best way to make such music is for the musician to create them according to what he/she is feeling at that particular moment. Great music is one that has some emotional attachment to it.

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