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Music Production School in Kenya. 

Kamata Music School is the best leading Music production School in Nairobi, Kenya. We enroll students from all over the Country and Globally. We have students from all over the world such as Malawi, London, Cameroon, DRC, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Kamata School Music Production course is designed as an introduction for complete beginners where prior music experience is not necessary.


Kamata Music Production course is taught by professionals in this field who have had over 7 yrs of experience. You will experience education like no other in a period of 9 months only. Your Future in the Music industry starts at Kamata Music School.

You could be asking yourself, What do I get to study in a Music production Course? Here is your answer:

1.How to use different Software.

To produce a breathtaking track we will teach you how to use software’s such as; FL studio, Cubase, logic Pro. We help you understand how to use all the 3 software all-together and differently.

You’ll learn how to Mix and Master by using these software.

2. Recording your Track. 

When it comes to recording, you will need various techniques to put the track in place. You’ll learn recording techniques for vocals, Mic placement,  instruments, audio interface tips, and so much more.

 3. Use of Digital Instruments.

Here, you’ll learn the basics of Digital synthesis. You will be taught how to create sounds and tracks on your computer by the use of MIDI and VST Instruments.

Join Kamata Music School for Music Production Course, We’ll will walk through with you over your goals, and asses your skill level. Begin to master your process with us!

Sign up for Kamata Music Production lessons ASAP!!!

You can always reach us on 0722137784.


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