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Kamata School of DJ is undoubtedly The Best DJ School in Kenya. Many of the biggest DJs in East Africa studied at Kamata School of DJs. You are in the right hands, and your journey into the world of endless possibilities as a DJ will be well guided.


Welcome to the wonderful world of mixing Music. 

Learning how to Dj is learning how to match your own musical expression for your audience. Deejaying is expressive, empathic, observant, and reactive.

A DJ must know how to ramp the audience, raise their energy up and down, maintain a balance, and connect with the audience. A DJ can perform in areas such as Clubs, Weddings, Music Venues, Festivals and Corporate Functions.

Kamata Dj Lessons.

Why should I study DJ? 

  1. To build a stable career as a DJ.
  2. To learn the fundamentals that are building blocks to exemplary performance.
  3. To gain wide experience with various DJ equipment and gear.
  4. To be well guided into the entertainment industry.
  5. To acquire certification as a professional DJ.
  6. To meet great like minded people.


Our 6 Months DJ course is the best rated in Nairobi, Kenya and East Africa. We equip you with skills and knowledge on how to use different software to make your playlist interesting to your audience. You will learn how to use the best DJ Software with latest equipment.


DJ Software

  1. Serato DJ Pro
  2. Sony Acid
  3. Pioneer Rekordbox
  4. Ableton Live 


To be highly ranked as a DJ, there are a number of skills that you must have, skills in Mixing, EQing, phrasing, beatmatching, and prep. 

We are so confident that you will love our DJ course. We have designed a DJ teaching tool that is flexible enough for everyone, Kids, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced DJs.

DJ Lessons.

We are here to make you achieve your Goals.

Welcome to KAMATA DJs!


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