Best Sound Engineering School In Kenya

The best sound engineering school in Kenya is non-other than Kamata Music School. It is worth noting that sound engineering is a rapidly growing field likewise it is a skill worth acquiring. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything. That is from the basics of music theory to advanced techniques in sound design and mixing. We also encourage our students to take Entertainment Management courses. This course will help the learner know the business side of entertainment.

Top sound engineering school


Program Coverage in our sound engineering school

Our program covers topics not only limited to but such as; microphone techniques, signal processing, and mixing. The best thing is that students learn how to use industry-standard software and hardware to record, edit, and mix audio.

Secondly, the students gain hands-on experience in the school’s recording studios, where they can put their skills to the test. Consequently, this enables them to create and edit music, and have access to the best recording studios and equipment.

Let’s talk about training within the sound engineering school

Our school of sound engineering is for students who are interested in the technical side of sound production. Additionally, we are equipped with the best teachers who take the students through their courses.

Top sound engineering school

The best thing about Kamata production school is that;

We offer a range of elective courses, such as live sound, and audio post-production. This allows students to explore specific areas of the industry in more depth.

What makes us the best school

In conclusion, we have experienced professionals from the music and sound industry. This means that students receive guidance and mentorship from people who have real-world experience in the industry. In addition, we also have a wide network of industry contacts, which can help students find internships and job opportunities.


 Top sound engineering school

Let us walk with you in your journey of music production and nurture you to be one of the best producers within Kenya and beyond. Not only do we train but also we are the leading school in Kenya.

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