Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi accuses Senator Anwar of Physical Assault!

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  • Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi accuses Senator Anwar of Physical Assault!

Saumu Mbuvi, 26, took to social media with a  photo of her swollen face which she claimed was as a result of the Senator’s violent nature.

In her Question and Answer session on Instagram, Saumu also revealed that what they termed as marriage between herself and the Senator was finally over.

She claimed that the Lamu Senator took advantage of her mental state and abused her even further.

Surprisingly, Senator Anwar did not deny the allegations.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, the senator admitted to having assaulted the young lady.

“Yes but only once before I knew she is suffering from mental problem, call her family members, mine, friends, hospital everyone knows she sick. It’s just you media guys who don’t know and we opted to hide to safeguard her name, but now she has turned her story to favor her.” Anwar said.

The Lamu Senator further defended himself saying Saumu was not injured during the incident, although she reported the matter to the DCI.

He went further and accused Saumu’s mental state as the main reason as to why their relationship ended.

“She has a mental psychiatric problem called bipolar, that’s why we never stayed together, she breaks things, shouts and loose memory for even a week. Imagine and all the Kenyans and media houses don’t know, i always hide this from people.”

What’s your take on violent partners?

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