Songwriting & Music Composition course.



Best Songwriting Course in Kenya, Nairobi.

Kamata School of Songwriting & Composition course is for Composers who never finish songs that they had started and Artists who believe that the rational mind has a definite place in the creative process through lyric writing, Music theory, Producing Music and Emotion. At Kamata School of Songwriting and Composition songwriters study, listen, analyze and write songs regularly which is a key ingredient to becoming a successful Songwriter.

                          Professional Songwriter/Composer
  1. Period: Songwriting and Music Composition classes take 3 Months and a lesson is 1 hour 3 days a week


Songwriters shall take the first 2 months to cover Music theory, Harmony, Ear training, Lyrical writing, Chord progressions ideas, Melody, and creativity. These are skills-based classes aimed to sharpen your Music reaction, Studio Acoustics, Sound, Recording, mix, and mastering.

  • Evaluation: Songwriters will be taken through the course by experienced professional musicians with expertise in Songwriting and performing. The teacher takes a continuous assessment of the composer’s progress to ensure they fully grasp the content.

Kamata School of Songwriting and Music Composition Course objectives

After completion of the course the Songwriter should be able to:

  • compose and produce a song.
  • Create hit tunes for bands <Ghostwriter> as a songwriter.
  • Compose sacred music played by millions every Sunday.
  • Write educational songs for children.
  • Express emotions.
  • increase their Musical intellect.
  • Communication skills improve

Songwriting Opportunities:

  • Career opportunity as a professional writer e.g Writing Jingles, Educational songs for children
  • NB: With instant feedback through social media you might find out you have a talent  for writing “Quirky” songs that often bring a viral sensation
  • Collaborate with other artists with exposes oneself to seeing other songwriters perspective and produce extra ordinary result.




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