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Best Saxophone training

The Saxophone can be heard in all sorts of genres of music, so just let your teacher know what you would like to focus on to make sure you’re getting what you want from your lessons.

Saxophone lessons are structured to suit students whether Beginner or Advanced to help them improve their skills, Practice, and Mastery.



Period: Saxophone training takes 3 Months 1-hour sessions 3 days a week.

Lessons: Students are guided by our qualified saxophone instructors who are licensed and certified professionals and have honed their skills over the year hence making them the best teachers in town.

Course Objectives.

  • Melody and Improvisation
  • Breathing
  • Chord
  • Scales

Opportunity for Saxophone Students;

  1. Band Practice
  2. Open mic
  3. Collaboration for cover and original pieces

NB: Develop your sound with the building blocks of expression to create your musical interpretation of a song.



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