Lets get to learn a little bit of Piano introduction, just a glimpse.

We have 12 musical alphabetical notes namely, A, A#,B,C,C#, D, D#,E,F,F#,G,G#.

Playing the notes in an Ascending order A-G is Sharpening, in descending order, it’s Flattening.

Playing from one note and back to it is Octave ie A-A,C#-C#

White keys are called Natural Keys/notes.

Black keys are called Accidental keys.

Learning the piano is such an easy task, all you need to do is practice to note the keys so that with time, you will be able to make a swift rythm while playing. In a span of not more than 3 months, a good student is likely to have mastered playing the piano and even having the ability to get creative. Every instrument demands practice and creativity. Therefore, its upto the student to be creative and do as much exercise as possible to master the instrument.

Here at Kamata Music School, we offer you a platform to learn and exercise at your free time. We value practise, our joy is seeing progress in our students. Our school is at a serene location, sorrounded by Stanley Hotel and Hilton Hotel for sure this is a cool environment to study. The Piano classes are fully equipped with the modern Pianos.

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