“Mummy, I want a sibling” DJ Pierra’s Daughter cries out!

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Most of us grew up knowing that babies are brought by choppers, but  Ricca Pokot, DJ Pierra’s daughter has a different idea.

She has been raised up to be a very intelligent, brave and smart girl.

In an Instagram Video shared by Pierra, Ricca can be heard asking questions she has always wanted to.

The little girl asked Pierra,

“So when is my mommy getting married so that she can get another baby?”

The mum was shocked but she had to answer the question anyway.

“Huh! Ah! For me to get married, I have to get a good man then marry him. Then you can be the flower girl.”

All eyes are now on the good man,  for DJ Pierra to get married and give Ricca a sibling!

We wish her all the best.

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