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Hey Kamata! Here’s an idea. What if, once a month (preferably a Saturday), on the first floor of Woodlands House there was a mini festival where guitar players,pianists, flutists, salsa dancers, breakdancers, or people who just move from side to side etc, were to congregate and just be themsleves? Huh?

Imagine the total heaven that would be created for just the few hours that that happened. Reason being, that it is not as restrictive as a show for a specific genre of music or dance.

I especially like the idea of salsa music. It’s a sweaty, tiring affair but I imagine dancers and players of the Salsa must be the happiest people on earth.

Think about it!

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  1. great idea!! i had actually started sm’thin of that sort but had to stop due to space limitations.mine was every satoo though.some guys took advantage and formed a rock band and that was real good.i’m working on acquiring a hall and once i do,WE’RE ON!

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