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John The Pianist (John Silverstone)


A deeply passionate and sensitive pianist and producer, John Wawire is known for the incomparability of his performances. His playing combines tremendous musical depth with great understanding.

Following his studies at Kamta Music School, he improved his piano skills. John is one of the best pianists to work with. Kamta Music School is proud of his passion and dedication. He has worked for the Shining Stars programme as a piano facilitator. Additionally, he has a passion for nurturing young talents. John has also worked for the renowned Kenyan comedian, Sleepy David. He was the pianist.

John is not only a pianist but also a Music Producer and dancer. His passion for making music is exceptional. John has a diverse understanding of music. He can play different genres of music perfectly.

Recent notable performances include the Shining Stars and the Poetry Sport. He performed as a pianist and dancer. He has also been a drummer at other events. John is a certified Music Producer, Pianist and Sound Engineer.


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