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Live Concert at Kamata
Kamata Live Band Services

Bring your event to life with Kamata Live Band Crew. We are a band for large and small events. The band plays at weddings, corporate events, parties, fundraisers, and more. The Band is always there to help you find what you are looking for. We have gone to many events, and we have performed for prominent people in Kenya.

We understand that everyone loves a great performance. As a result, we always strive to give our clients the best performers. It is our aim to make your event a memorable one. Our team connects with clients. We give expert advice on the best way to cheer up your event.

Why Hire Us?

  • Team Of Experts

We are a team of professionals known for quality service. Kamata Live band team are the experts in giving you the best service. Moreover, we play a wide range of music genres that suit your event.

  • Experience

Kamata Live Band Team has performed at many events in the region. Therefore, we know how to give a satisfactory and entertaining performance.

  • Affordable Rates

Hire a band that fits your budget. Our rates are quite affordable, unlike other bands. We give you quality service that you can afford.

  • Friendly Staff

We are a friendly team; we get to know you so we can help you find a band that suits your event. The crew is also an expert in event planning and photography services.

  • Quality Service.

Our team is a trusted band to give you exceptional service. We create a memorable impact at your event.


Kamata Live Band has surprised and delighted hundreds of our clients. We make their events as fun and memorable as possible. This is a band of true performers who know how an event works inside and out. We know how to get family, friends, and guests in the groove.

Contact us 

Visit us at Queensway House. Near Hilton Hotel – Nairobi.

Feel free to call us on 0700070707 or 0722137784


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