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Violin Classes

To have a successful career, Violin players need to have creativity and exceptional skills to pave their own path. That’s why at Kamata Music School we offer a new approach to training. A training that explores the new trends, styles, and techniques that will inspire you to be the best at playing the Violin.

The instructors at Kamata Music School, have experience and are qualified. Their main goal is to make you a performer with diverse knowledge in the entertainment business. Additionally, they will equip you with competitive skills to make you the top Violinist in the region.

Kamata School Violin Lessons
Violin Lessons In Kenya

Why Have Violin Classes at Kamata School?

  • Equipment

The class has the current equipment to enable you to have a smooth learning session. It is not a must you come with your own violin.

  • Instructors

Kamata Music School has got teachers, who are from known universities. They will teach you to meet your goals and desires. Moreover, they make sure you stay focused and motivated. You will also be given entrepreneurial skills by taking an Entertainment and Media Business lesson.

  • Experience

The Violin department at Kamata Music School has grown extensively over the past few years that it has been in existence. It has been producing the most recognised violinists in Kenya.

Violin Lessons Structure.

Kamata Music School offers Violin Certificate Program. This program is for adults and kids from age 6. The program is structured differently for each age, without any limits based on age.

You might have wondered if anyone can join a violin class? The answer is yes! You can join Kamata School Violin Lessons if you have a passion, interest, and talent. You don’t need to be good to learn Violin. We help you discover, nurture and express your passion, interest and talent.

Violin classes at the Kamata Music School are held three days a week. Each session lasts for 1 hour. We have quality equipment for you to use to help you learn. We guarantee you the quality education that you have always desired.

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