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Live Band Session
Live Band Session

Kamata Music School is proud to announce its Live Band Sessions. The school is the best music school in Nairobi. As a result, it has the best instrumentalist that gives the best show. Moreover, the vocalists trained by Teacher Sam are on top of their game.

During the sessions, members first work on their parts and then jam the songs together as a band. With a team of experienced, renowned tutors leading the sessions, students improve their instrument skills and all-around musicianship. Furthermore, they also learn how to work together with like-minded musicians. The session is an experience that will help them become more confident and fulfilled as musicians, and it’s a great way to make friends who share their love of music. At the end of each year, the bands show off their skills by taking to the stage in front of family and friends during the graduation ceremony.

As part of the School’s commitment to preparing students for careers at the top of an ever-changing music profession, we allow students to conduct the session. We are always delighted to give you the best session throughout Nairobi and beyond. Nevertheless, the band is flexible and they can play any genre. With a comprehensive understanding and a reputation for delivering the highest quality and professionalism, Kamata Live Band Sessions will ensure you get the best session.

Live Band Session Schedule

Kamata Live Band Session was officially launched on 1st November 2022. The sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday.  From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The venue is Kamata Music School located at Queensway House 2nd Floor near Hilton Hotel. The sessions are free.


Come experience good times and good vibes and good music. Kamata Live session will keep you entertained and give you the best music after a long day.

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