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Have you been looking for Guitar Lessons and you’ve been wondering which school to join? Worry no more! Kamata Music School offers you a platform to Discover, Nurture and Express your Passion, Interest, or Talent in Guitar.

Kamata Music School is a certified institution offering Guitar lessons among other courses. We offer a Certificate in Guitar. The Guitar course takes 3 months to complete the first semester. Learning the Guitar has no end, therefore you keep on advancing by taking additional semesters, it’s all about being creative and coming up with a unique style that nobody else but you identifies with.

Why study Guitar Lessons at Kamata?

  • Highly Qualified Teachers:

Our teachers are certified, they are graduates from known institutions. They will equip you with the knowledge and skills required in Guitar professional expertise.

  • Evaluation

Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lessons at Kamata School

We test our students by giving them CATs and end of semester exams so that we can tell how far they have understood their lessons.

  • Friendly Guitar Lessons Environment

The environment at Kamata is very friendly and fun to be in. We give you good vibes right from the reception to the classes. Furthermore, will also give you a chance to express yourself and give a review of the lessons.

  • Flexible Guitar Lessons Program

Kamata school Guitar lessons are structured for Kids from 6yrs and Adults as old as 100yrs of age. Age should not be a limit as to why you should not enroll in a Guitar class in fact, learning an instrument relieves you so many burdens that could cause health issues. In addition, our class timetable is scheduled in a way that fits you. You take prior in stating which time is comfortable for you. Because we value you and we love you. We want the best for you.

  • Convenient and Secure location

We are located in the Nairobi CBD in a serene environment hence making it easy for you to access the classes and also learn in a very conducive environment.

  • Exposure

The school has got live band sessions, that will allow you to showcase your talent and your skills, therefore, exposing you to prospective clients who may require your services.

Kamata encourages its student to take the Entertainment Management course to boost their knowledge on commercializing their talent in the entertainment business.

Our Aim in Guitar Lessons

Kamata school aims to make you the best and guide you every step to be on the top. We desire to help you achieve your dream.
Kamata is the best place to advance your skills and knowledge. You will be surely the best.

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