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Best Dance School, In Nairobi

The best dance school in Kenya is Kamata Music School. We impact the joy of dance while providing the flexibility that extends to all areas of the students’ lives.

Furthermore, Kamata School of Dance helps its students develop into outstanding men and women, through discipline and responsibility in the pursuit of dance excellence.

We have plenty of opportunities for you to practice dance whether for fun or to advance to a professional level. Also, we teach a variety of dance styles.  Our classes include classical ballet, salsa, and modern and contemporary dances like breakdance and hip-hop for students of all levels. Our syllabus is designed to ensure that you learn exactly what you want within our in-house course structure, at your own pace.

Best dance school in Nairobi
Best Kamata Dance Crew, Kenya.



The Best Dance School Structure.

  1. Time: Each session is hourly three times a week.
  2. Terms: Kamata Dance lessons term takes 3 months.
  3. Dance School Fee Payment: We believe every child should experience dance. Therefore Kamata Dance School Is Committed To Keep Our Tuition Affordable For Families. To do that, we must stick to our tuition policies.
  4. Dance lessons: We impart knowledge of African dances, Hip Hop, Bachata, and Salsa. At least two different dance categories make up a session. say 30 minutes of salsa followed by 30 minutes of African dance.

Why  Dancing Is Important For You?

Conversely, there is no better exercise than dance. You must use every essence of your body to accomplish this. Dancing is, in the truest sense, a full-body workout.

Furthermore, dancing improves coordination, endurance, and flexibility and most importantly, it makes your heart happy. Our School guarantees you a change of significant improvement in your overall mood and reduced stress levels.

best dance school

The Physical benefits of Dance.

  1. Better Agility and Flexibility.

    Age, insufficient physical activity, or only performing the same movements can all lead to stiffness and a lack of mobility, putting you at risk of discomfort and injury.

    However, dance can be beneficial.

    Cross-country skiers who received months of dance training improved their joint mobility and muscle flexibility of the spine, as well as their speed and agility, according to one study.

  2. Balance and Coordination.

    While you may feel pretty stable on your feet right now, there’s no denying that our balance and coordination deteriorate significantly as we age. It’s one of the reasons why older people are more prone to falling.

    However, the ability to dance to improve these health markers in the elderly is promising.

  3. Improve Muscle tone and strength.

    Many of our daily activities (walking, climbing stairs, etc.) take place in a straight plane. Dance, on the other hand, incorporates lateral and rotational movements. Your body never gets bored.

    This not only improves agility, coordination, and balance, but it also strengthens muscles that are frequently overlooked, such as your abdominals.

  4. Enhance Cardiovascular Health.

    Dance can be a hardcore workout that is good for your heart depending on how intensely you jump up and down.

    Regular moderate-intensity dancing has been linked to a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, according to research. This advantage is significantly greater for dance than for walking.

  5.  Boost self-esteem.

    Dance allows you to exercise while also learning a new skill. This can be extremely rewarding and boost confidence.

    According to research, any type of exercise can boost self-esteem (and we’d never discourage you from doing what works best for you). But there’s something about learning new choreography or performing a new move that makes you feel super-prepared to take on the world.

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