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Kamata Music, Media, and Sports School has the best Guitar Classes in Nairobi at extremely low market prices. The school is well known for producing great Guitarists who are rocking the streets of Nairobi. Kamata Music, Media, and Sports School is the best of all music schools in Kenya. Learning the Guitar at this great institution is a privilege that any great music enthusiast should not deny him or herself. There are several guidelines to be followed by every Guitar Student so that he or she can arrive at the mastery of this Great instrument. These guidelines have been discussed in the following segment of this article.


  1. Start Off Right


Before getting to learn any musical instrument or anything that can be constructive in life, one has to start off right. Starting off right is awesome. It kind of brings a new dawn in time and the right manner. To master the Guitar, one has to start off right as well. First, get to know this instrument. This begins with knowing each of its parts, the proper hand technique for the right and left hands as well as Guitar tuning. If you don’t begin with this, you risk starting in the wrong lane. One fact is that starting in the wrong way will make you do it wrong all along. Be patient while learning the guitar. As hard as it may seem while starting off, just make your mind in line with your desire to learn and learn progressively.


  1. Learn to read the music as well as the notes on the 1st and 2nd Strings


The STAFF is the only best presentation of written music on the whole planet. It has 5 lines and four spaces between the lines. While reading the STAFF, one has to do it from the left to the right. Notes are always written on each line of a STAFF. The other thing that needs to be done by a learning Guitarist is learning and mastering the notes on the first and the 2nd Strings. There 3 important notes on the E (1st) string. They are E, F and G. On the other hand, notes B, C, and D are on the 2nd string. These notes are very crucial in the playing of the Guitar by any aspiring and learning student because they are what make every chord an individual will ever play on the Guitar. Start Off Right and Learn how you can read music along with the notes on the 1st and 2nd strings.

  1. Master the Notes on the 3rd to the 6th string too


As mentioned earlier, notes are very crucial because they are used to construct chords that are played on a progression to bring out a musical sense. The other strings on the Guitar which are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th strings respectively also have notes. These notes are on different positions of the fretboard. The positioning depends on the string’s thickness and position. Here  I have highlighted the notes found on various strings beginning with the 3rd to the 6th respectively.


3rd- G, A

4th- D, E, F

5th- A, B, C

6th- E, F, G


Mastering and playing these notes will help a learner master the Guitar like it is supposed to be learned. Learn the positioning of these notes and begin your journey towards mastery of the Guitar like a Pro!


  1. Master the basic open chords, minor seventh and the suspended chords


Chords, in my opinion, and understanding of music are various notes played together systematically of progressively. Often, Tri Chords are played on the Guitar. They are what make us have an appreciation for music. The basic open chords of a Guitar are C, C7, D, D7, Dm, E, E7, Em, G, G7, B7, A, A7, and Am. One or two of these chords are very rare to miss when a Guitarist is playing the Guitar. Mastering their positions, and changing through them systematically and quickly is very important to every Guitarist. The other chords of a Guitar are the Open Minor Seventh Chords and the Open Suspended Chords. The Open Minor Seventh Chords are Am7, Dm7, and Em7 which has 2 versions. The Open Suspended Chords are Asus, Dsus, and Esus. Knowing the positions of each respective chord and playing them with ease is the beginning of successful mastery of the Guitar. Are you ready to learn? Come to Kamata Music, Media, and Sports School and have the best Guitar Lessons you will fall in love with.

  1. Lean progression and the Barre Chords on the 6th and 5th Strings


Barre Chords are the easiest to play and the hardest to if one gets them wrong. They are often on the 5th and the 6th strings of the Guitar. Like all the other chords, when mastered and played as they should be in a systematic manner, one becomes a Pro at the Guitar. A progression is the systematic playing of chords to bring out a musical sense. To master the art of progression, one has to listen to lots of songs on the radio and the ones played live. The melodic transition of every chord one catches on songs is the progression used on the songs. A keen listener and one who has mastered the positions of all the chords on the Guitar can identify the various types of progressions played on all the songs they hear. Listen and practice. This way you will be a master.


After having implemented all the 5 guidelines highlighted in this article, now you are set to being a great Guitarist. Do practice of all the concepts to learn every day or consistently if you don’t have Guitar of your own. Learn to sing along to make it more interesting. If you do what has been prescribed herein, you are set out to Mastery of the Guitar. Join our school and let your journey to successful Guitar playing begin. Be a master! We are waiting for you!




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