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“How good are you?” he asked. “I can try.” I answered. Laughing, he said. “Listen to me boy. This industry does not want people who can try. It wants people who can execute.” To this day, the words that were said to me still repeat day in day out. I have lived to believe in the execution of ideas since then. That is because I have come to learn that trial, like every other thing being tried, is not sure. For this reason, I chose to study the ins and outs of the music industry. Believe me, music is much more than just talent. There are skills required in every aspect of this industry which makes it a profession. Every profession today is a business. Thus learning the business around music can make you become an elite musician or personality in the music industry.

A bit of good advice to everyone pursuing music is that you should work on building skills in every other element of the music industry that is required to make you a better person in the day to day activities around it. The simple fact here is that you cannot get better without learning from a qualified individual how well you can go about it. Qualifications of an individual who can be called a tutor or teacher are based on the skills that he or she has. Learning from a more experienced person can make you a great skilled business minded musician that the century does require.

We have understood this and that is the very reason as to why we incorporate the musical skills that one learns at our school with the business aspect of the music industry. At our school, we have a curriculum that allows an individual to develop business skills that can be applied to benefit an individual. If one chooses to learn the Piano, for example, we teach him or her elementary skills during the first semester, advanced or another instrument of choice in the second and during the last semester we teach the individual entertainment management. This means that after individual leaves our school, he or she can be able to use the music playing skills to have an impact on their life and the community at large.

Music and Entertainment mentorhip program

Having knowledge and skills that can turn ordinary or advanced musical skills into an asset is what the world does want today. It is a guarantee that after the completion of studies at our school, one can be able to maneuver for jobs because we shall teach them where they can find them. Besides that, the possibility of being a successful business person in the showbiz industry is very high for those who study at our school. If you would like to have a successful path in the music industry, the right place you have to find is at Kamata Music School. We guarantee you a life full of possibilities if you join our school. We are the best school of music in Kenya and Africa at large!

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