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And now “Let’s Make Music.” The creation of Great Music starts at Kamata School of Music. Believe me, Kamata School of Music is the best music school in Kenya. There is no other music school that can outdo this great music and entertainment institute in the coaching of great music professionals in the East African showbiz industry. The institution’s reputation precedes it in the entire region. This is because Kamata Music School has produced successful musicians and music personalities such as Ken wa Maria, King Kaka and Kymo of Thitima Anthem. Because of this great ability possessed by the school, we are, therefore, the best shot that anyone can take to make it big in the music industry.

The making of great music begins with a songwriter/musician and the producer. There is a process that has to be followed in the making of great music and the various parties involved in it have to play their roles with great authenticity. Failure in one part will compromise the final product. Thus, to have a perfect finished product that can quickly fit in the entertainment industry, great care and mastering has to be done. The shaping of the East African entertainment industry is in the hands of those who are on and behind the scenes. Take up the initiative of making better the African showbiz industry. The revolution begins at Kamata Music School. Join us and claim your stance.

To make a hit song, you will have to listen to every kind of music. Pop, Indie, hip hop, classical, rock, music from different countries. Save of these songs somewhere on a list and regularly hear them over and once more. The additional various, your list of songs, the additional diversity you’ll be able to have in your sound. At the top of the day, all of those songs square measure your potential taking note of having one thing (or several things) that are wonderful concerning them. Take notes concerning everything you come across so once it’s time to form your music, you incorporate the maximum amount of skills from your playlist. NOTE – I failed to continuously do that, and that I will see currently that this is able to have helped most if I had!

If you merely hear a couple of artists typically, you’ll find yourself sounding like them, which isn’t very fulfilling or cool! Therefore confirm you hear as several artists as attainable, so you’ll be able to develop a novel sound. It’s conjointly useful to grasp the psychological science of every song you place on your list too.

Don’t ever, ever, ever record over associate degree mp3, unless it’s a follow track of some kind. Mp3’s area unit compressed (low quality) files that were designed for straightforward sharing and quick downloading. Your goal probably is to form positive all of the files you record over area unit as prime quality as much as it is attainable. Those varieties of files area unit typically referred to as WAV files. WAV files area unit concerning ten times larger than MP3 files. To record a song, visit a studio!

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