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  1. Heyy send me the structure and averything I have passion for this and it juat flows through me

  2. I am gaudencia and i have a passion for music,i used to sing when i was in primary, i love dancing as well….what are the requirements???

  3. i want to join in september….music class, sent fee structure to my email

  4. what are th requirements if one my like to learn dj skills???? pliz reply

  5. I would like to learn piano deeper since I have the basics…kindly send me the fee structure

  6. Hi. I am really hoping to join Kamata School of Music. I would like to take Music Production and if possible the soonest.

  7. hello??? i would like to a class of music production please give me more information through fprince997 @gmail.com…….thanks

  8. l have always loved to know how to dj but since l know how to dance l would love to get to new moves…and so passionnate about dancing and djing..

  9. My sister has a love/passion of playing instruments, she plays piano basics n she jst completed form four last year hw much does she need to enroll in instruments/music class.

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