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Kamata Music, Media, and Sports School is the best fine arts school offering the best dance lessons that any given individual can come across in Nairobi. The dance choreographers at this amazing institution will open a new door of possibilities to anyone who is more than willing to learn the skill of flexing up.

Does dance inspire you? Have you ever watched someone dance and felt envious because of the moves he or she had? Have you ever watched a song on the TV and then imagined yourself on the TV killing the show? If you have ever had all these experiences or one, you were born a dancer! If you still are trying to figure out how you can become a professional dancer, here is something that is meant to help you out.

1. Have an open mind to various career paths

Wait, is this guy saying that dance is a career? Well yes, dance is a very competitive career! Professionalism in the dance career is very difficult and competitive in nature. However, how you perceive this profession and how you set your mind is a determining factor of whom you will become. Nothing is really hard. How you see things is what does matter. Being a professional dancer requires you to be flexible. However, how you think after having attained flexibility is very crucial. Having an open mind and thinking of how you can use dance in different ways is what can make you get there. Just in case you end up being incapable of meeting the physical demands of the dancing profession, don’t feel so down to earth. Even professional dancers have had to take on 2nd careers after not being capable to meet the physical demands of dance!

2. Watch more dance performances

What do you do during your free time? This is another fact that is a determinant of whom you become professionally as a dancer. If you would like to have a career in dance, you need to start doing things that are dance-related. This could include activities such as watching dance performances at dance theatres. There are other areas that you can still be able to watch dance performances besides the dance theatres if you cannot afford to pay for one. This can be watching music videos. Watching dance performances can become very beneficial because you can catch a move or two in the videos and practice on them if you have a partner.

3. Diversify your skills

There are various dance techniques and styles such as Zumba, Salsa, Breakdance, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop dance, and Ballroom among many others. Having diversity in your dance abilities is very important! This is where dance choreographers come in handy. You can go to a dance academy, or a fine arts school such as Kamata Music, Media, and Sports School and take up dance lessons. The tutors at our school will take your dance skills to the next level. They will help you flex up, and train you to professional standards.

4. Learn and train other movement forms

Like I mentioned before, dance can really be difficult. This is because it does require an individual to meet its physical demands. For one to be a professional dancer, he or she has to be very flexible and physically fit. Other movement forms such as martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, and various athletic pursuits can be very helpful in the attainment of that physical fitness required to meet the relevant dance physique. Train hard and smile your way into the bank!

These here are just some of the things required to make one a professional dancer. A career in the dance industry is very much probable if you have what it takes to be the person you want to become. Train hard! Catch the moves and set your mind to that goal! You will eventually become that amazing flexible dancer! We are here to help you become a professional dancer. Feel free to come and learn from us!!!


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