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Kamata School of Music is an institution that creates legendary music figures in Kenya taking into consideration that pianists create legendary music. Located at the Nairobi CBD, the making of legends is a daily routine every Monday to Friday. That does not however limit Kamata School of Music from making music legends on the weekends. This is because the institution understands the need of its students having some of their time doing practice. That is why Nairobi students get the chance to have practice on Saturdays and keep their weekly progress in check. This is what makes Kamata Music School the most authentic institution offering music classes in Nairobi, Kenya, and of course in Africa.

Kamata school of Music offers great piano lessons to its students. The institution’s values the yearning within upcoming pianists of doing legendary music like the professional players in the musical arena. For this reason, the music coaches at Kamata Music School meet the necessary qualifications that are needed to make a great pianist out of an armature.  The lessons offered at this fraternity are of the highest quality if any rating can be done. Music enthusiastic pianists can find at this precious school a tower that can see them through their legendary profiling or creation by the experts at Kamata School of Music.

With a clear understanding that the music industry does need other professionals too, Kamata Music School also offers Guitar lessons, Saxophone lessons, Vocal coaching, Drum lessons, DJ lessons, and Dance lessons to its students. After a successful completion of the course, the institution offers the students a certificate. After that a graduation ceremony conducted by Kamata Music School to appreciate the efforts that the students will have shown during their time at Kamata.

To become a legendary pianist, there are various steps that have to be done by an interested pianist who is trying to figure out how he or she can get into the industry. The steps are;


1. Manage your learning and follow time. Dedicate an interval to sessions or coaching and be committed concerning it. This can be done with the aid of tutor. Attempt to not permit something to discourage you from your follow. Commitment to follow is crucial to rising your skills. Use schedules if some time is therefore full that you just cannot dedicate a similar interval sporadically. Use informers on any device you always carry with you to remind you of your sessions. If employing a device isn’t useful, having associate degree agenda to be had will do a similar job. The best way in which an individual can be able to come up with a good follow of time and its management is through doing it often with a tutor. With this done, an individual can be able to find his or her own way of managing his or her. Our teachers at kamata Music School are gifted enough to enable a learner great this virtue.

2.Arrange your follow. As much as this can’t be necessary later, at first, once you are learning new things, it is vital to grasp what you must be learning within the next few sessions therefore on be able to live your progress. This can be alleged to assist you keep track of your information and skills progress, not be a tool to spoil you if you did not create the progress you hoped for within the time you expected. If you are feeling some specific construct took a very long time to master, don’t fret. The vital factor is that, in the end, you are doing a master at it. With a good background of a tutor behind the basic knowledge of the piano, one can be able to make a good track of his or her progress through making the necessary arrangements in the follow up of his or her schedule.

3. Improve your notation reading skills. Several of the steps and tips to follow can either depend upon, or greatly have the benefit of a proficiency in reading notation (sheet music). You’ll be able to try this as follows: Learn to scan piano music if you haven’t already done therefore. Check that you perceive most of the ideas of notation. If you wish to enhance your overall piano taking part in, you’ll have to be told concerning a lot of advanced musical notations like dynamics, tempo, key and time signatures, clefs, etc. Knowing solely the way to scan the notes themselves and their intervals will not be enough. Learn to sight-read piano music. This can improve your ability to translate what you see and perceive on the musical sheet into stunning piano tunes. With our aid at Kamata Music school, the notation skills can be greatly improved.

4.Improve your finger placement and speed on the piano keys: Learn some finger stretching exercises to use before you begin taking part in. Learn correct piano finger placement if you haven’t already done therefore. Inserting your fingers properly on the piano keys is crucial to developing a lot of advanced skills. Since this can turn out to be a hard try for a beginner, our professional coaches can be there to help learner learn much more about the piano keys.

5.Follow the various scales victimization correct finger placement. Begin by active mounting the size, then down, then up and down. Do each a minimum of 5 times victimization correct finger placement once active an exact scale. Try to follow 2 or 3 scales before every session. Try this whether or not a “session” may be a lesson with a coach, or some free interval you assigned to learning and active the piano. Try to follow victimization musical composition that contains finger enumeration on them, particularly initially. This manner you’ll be able to take care that you just area unit taking part in properly. Fingering is incredibly vital in a while after you area-unit taking part in tougher items. Practice with increasing speed. Set your pendulum on a slower speed and after you have down pat one speed move it up to a quicker speed. this can develop motor memory. Once learning a replacement song, or a replacement scale, begin by taking part in it slowly however obeying the temporal order of the piece. Then, begin rushing up, keeping correct time intervals between the notes. as an example, if active a straightforward C musical mode, you may begin by taking part in every note (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) as an entire beat. Then begin taking part in every note for 0.5 a beat (not exploit the opposite 0.5 beat as a rest), then quarter, and so on. Once you created a blunder, begin everywhere once more. Follow this for 0.5 associate degree hour daily till you are feeling you’ll be able to pair while not creating any mistake. Practice correct chords finger placement. You’ll be able to notice several resources on the net description correct fingering for every chord. Typically, you will find over one optimum finger placement; this can be a matter of preference, therefore follow whichever causes you to lighter whereas taking part in (especially whereas progressing from one chord to the next.

6. Memorize and follow musical scales, particularly the foremost distinguished ones. Learn all the foremost, harmonic minor, melodic minor and chromatic scales. Master the scales and follow them. Also, if you are taking part in a particular vogue (such as blues, jazz, etc.), learn the scales of that vogue.

Playing the piano is not as hard as it always seems. With the right training, an individual can turn out to be a good player. Join us today and start your journey towards being a legendary pianist.

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