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Kamata Music and Media School is the leading Music and Media School in Kenya. We at Kamata have the best music lessons that turn beginners into skilled musicians. We also have advanced music lessons for all those who would like to acquire professionalism in music. In Nairobi, we are the unparalleled music institution that has been in existence for over 7 years.

Our deejay academy is the best in Kenya. We train individuals and make them great at what they do. We have been behind many successful deejays and their careers. We are the creators of the famous “Thitima” drop which we proudly recorded in our music studios.

In this article, I am going to write and inform aspiring deejays on how they can get into this profession. To be a great deejay, one has to do the following.

1. Learn What DJs Do

The deejay industry is very wide. This is because there are many types of DJs. All these DJs and what they do in the entertainment industry have their roles which give them their reasons for existence in the industry. The different kinds of DJs are; The Club DJ, The performer (Turntablist), The Mobile DJ who does his or her thing in events such as weddings, and Radio DJ. All these fields in the DJ industry have different approaches that are used to execute tasks within the industry. Thus, if you would like to be an incredible DJ, you have to learn what is done by all these kinds of DJs. This will help you pinpoint what area you want to specialize in.

2. Determine Your Goals

After you have decided on the field you would like to engage in, it is high time to determine the extent and validity of your goals. Without this, it can be quite hard to get far in the DJ industry. Before you are a decision to be a DJ, you have to clearly define the reasons for being one. You have to be honest with yourself and be sure that it is what you really want to do. After having clearly defined the reason or reasons as to why you would like to be a DJ, love it, hustle hard and be dedicated to achieving your goals.

3. Explore the DJ Software

There are various software that are used by DJ’s. They include; Rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro and many other software available. To be successful, you have to explore all these software. You have to clearly understand how they operate. The best way to do this is to go to a music school and learn from experienced coaches. The best place to that is at Kamata Music and Media School.

4. Learn DJ Skills

This is a very important step. As much as you get to understand the DJ software, you have to learn and master DJ skills to be a DJ. There are various DJ Skills such as mixing, EQing, prep, beatmatching, and phrasing. To be an incredible DJ, you have to be good with all these skills. There is no other best place for you to master these skills other than at Kamata Music and Media School. We are the leading DJ Academy. Take a move and join us.

Now that you know of how to go about it, these four tips will help you find a path. Stay tuned for more tips.


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