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Kamata Music School is the best music school in Kenya. The school has been behind the coaching and nurturing of great Deejays in Kenya. Do you have a dream of becoming a world-class DJ? Kamata DJ Academy is one of the most reputable DJ Academies in East and Central Africa and will help you realize this dream. This great institution has teachers that always follow up to ensure that each student comes out with a unique personality on top of the acquired skills.

Many people believe that learning to DJ is easy and you can be successful overnight. Successful DJ’ing takes dedication, hard work and time. But it’s not difficult to start though it is very difficult to stand out and to be extraordinary. If you would like to become a club DJ you need: DJ’ing equipment that should include 2 x DJ Turntables, 2 x DJ Cartridges (needles), DJ Mixer, DJ Headphones, Computer with DJ’ing software such as virtual DJ, Scratch live, etc , DJ Interface Package such as Serato Scratch Live, Traktor Scratch etc.
There are many different kinds of DJs; Club DJ, Radio DJ, Performer DJ, and mobile DJ. So, what kind of DJ would you like to become?

A Club DJ needs to know that each club stands out and therefore has its own unique atmosphere or mood and this greatly affects the choice of music. A  club DJ must know how to keep the people on the dance floor with his trickery and music choice. He/she needs to know how to raise up the energy and keep the people upbeat so that they can stay at the club and keep the bar busy. A club DJ needs to assemble a large music collection so that he/she is able to provide a single genre of music for hours, as well as handle any requests. Therefore he/she should always bring twice the length of music because when playing in a club, you never know what will happen.

Becoming a good radio DJ takes time and effort, therefore one has to be very patient and observant. One has to learn how to match his/her own musical style with the desires of a given audience by anticipating their needs. It is difficult to get started as a radio DJ and stand out from the ones who are already in the market, so to build a name for yourself you’ll have to be very patient and very proactive. This can be done by identifying a genre that you’re comfortable in and bettering your skills as you grow into the market. The best way to improve your skill is to join a reputable DJ academy such as Kamata DJ academy and get the chance to mix day in day out with professional supervision.

Performer DJs are reputable DJs because their mixes are displays of raw skill, impressive tricks, and clever transitions. People go to see these DJs because of what they can do behind the decks.
Mobile DJs are the ones who perform at weddings, corporate event, or other parties.  In most cases, mobile DJs have a lot to keep track of; they are the ones responsible for the setup and set-down of equipment, planning the show, and making any announcements.

A DJ should be good in communication so that he/she can advertise his/her skills. The best way would be to have a web or social media page. He/She should also have a good personality by interacting with people and having discussions around music. So as a DJ you should love music and always brighten people’s day with your attitude and by playing music, great music.

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