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Guitar training
Kamata Music School is your reliable partner in becoming the guitarist you aspire to be.

Guitar Lessons at Kamata Music School guarantee progress in your skills from the first day you sign up for our classes. Kamata Music School is known to be the most reliable training ground for Music in Kenya and across the continent for guitar classes. One of the most difficult questions for those seeking beginner lessons in guitar is, ‘where do I start?’ Well, I have the answer right here! Guitar lessons begin at Kamata Music School. One of the many reasons why Kamata Music School is the best place to start guitar classes is the fact we have the best and most qualified guitar instructors in the country. Having a good guitar instructor for a beginner is one of the vital elements for a guitar student. Guitar lessons for beginners need to be carefully laid out because most of the students do not have an adequate musical background. Kamata School of Music has had success stories for successfully training great guitarists over the years who are currently dominating the music industry. One of the great artists in country music is an alumnus of Kamata School of Music. Steve Roger is a renowned Guitarist and Country Music performer, his shows appeal to a wide audience in Nairobi.

Regardless of whether you’re youthful or old, there’s no preferable inclination over figuring out how to play Guitar. While many endeavors to gain proficiency with the guitar, it is sadly extremely regular for tenderfoots to surrender after just a few months. Guitar exercises with an instructor can be costly and it very well may baffle in case you’re not seeing an improvement promptly. Kamata Music School makes it affordable and within reach for all guitar enthusiasts. Kamata Music School ventures in offering one of the least demanding and fastest approaches to figure out how to play the guitar. In 90 days or less. Straightforward, compelling and reasonable, this guitar learning technique has indicated extraordinary accomplishment among apprentice guitar players of each age. Utilize this helpful approach to pick up. All that you have to know as a beginning guitarist. You’ll be playing your main tune in a short while by any means!

Quit wishing. Begin playing. Our guide will instruct you to be a Guitar artist in only 90 days.

Normal Guitar Myths and Misconceptions

There are numerous confusions about figuring out how to play the guitar, huge numbers of which have prevented people from getting an instrument they’ve constantly envisioned about playing.

After years in the business, we’ve heard a lot of reasons that individuals put off figuring out how to play the guitar. Here are the absolute most basic guitar legends and misguided judgments:

“I’m too old to even consider learning an instrument!”

“I don’t have room schedule-wise to figure out how to play the guitar.”

“Physical confinements will hinder my capacity to play the guitar.”

“I can’t play the guitar left gave.”

The Truth about Learning The Guitar with Kamata Music School+

Age can’t block you – Working off of muscle memory and visual help Kamata Music School is intended for players of each age. Indeed, Kamata Music School is the most appropriate school for those hoping to play guitar, offering a torment free technique for playing your main tune. Kamata Guitar lessons additionally enable you to gain proficiency with the guitar all alone, taking out the requirement for long guitar exercises with a teacher, which can result in delayed joint agony.

Figure out how to play on your time – While agreeing to accept week after week guitar exercises may not be practical, Kamata Music classes enable you to figure out how to play guitar harmonies on your time in the solace of your home or school. That implies you can play before anything else, amid noon, or even amidst the night. Whatever works for you!

Anyone, of each capacity, can play – Designed for each kind of student, Kamata Music lessons incorporates adjustments that enable people of each capacity to effectively get familiar with another instrument. Ideal for use in the music treatment, home, or school setting, Kamata Guitar lessons can enable people to figure out how to play the guitar level or with two individuals at any given moment, making for what is inside and out helpful experience.

Welcome to Kamata School of Guitar, where Guitar lessons are tailored with you in mind.

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