guitar and piano fee structure


kindly email me your fee structure for the piano and guitar classes if possible before friday.


  1. I am interested in learning Guitar and keyboard. Kindly email me the fees structure. I prefer evening and Saturday Classes.

    Kind Regards,


  2. i have a 3yr 10 mnths old baby girl who is so interested in playing piano can she join classes 4 training or she is too young, if not please let me know the requirements and fees.

  3. @Ruth makimi, sure she can learn.if u can drop and pick her at our school on saturdays it’ll work very well.

  4. i would like to learn the guitar and piano,please send me the fee structure on that for each separate i.e for guitar alone and piano alone.thanks

    1. @kent kath, Hi,
      Thanks for your mail.
      we offer the complete vocals, guitar or Piano course at sh8100, same rate applies, which stands for registration,tuition,materials,test and cert.our timetable is very can have day,weekends only or evening classes,however you like.stretch it to your time frame.a single lesson takes 1hour.the entire course takes approximately 2 months.
      please come to our office/school we’ll give you more details and take a look at our course outline.we’re on 1st flr. woodland hse. directly opposite bookpoint Moi avenue,or next to Ebrahim supermarket near Nairobi stalls if you like.
      visit our website
      call: my no. is on the website.
      thanks,karibu sana!

  5. hey, can u pliz email me ur fee structure for guitar and piano lessons and classtime tables to choose from. thanks.

  6. I have always been intrested in learning the guitar and piano,is registration and all the requirements part of the 8,100?and is it also catering for the 2 months??

  7. I would like to kindly tell me the charges structure in learning piano or keyboard.thnx….

  8. I need to learn vocals and keyboard how much they cost, for evening classes, email me please.

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