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Girl Empowerment In The Entertainment Industry

Kikuyu Gospel Artist
Kikuyu Gospel Artists

Recently, women are doing well in the entertainment industry. We currently live in a world where opportunities present themselves to everyone. More women are now entering the business. The current women who are reaping big in the entertainment business, are good examples. They are showing that ladies too can be successful in this business.

We can see the likes of Nadia Mukami. She’s released hit songs after her viral ‘Si Rahisi’ hit. Her melodious vocals and hit song output make her a bigwig in the Kenyan music industry.

Kamata Music School celebrates its very own; Teacher Beatrice. Teacher Beatrice’s music career spans the years. She is the founder of the all-famous live band – Samawati Band. She has toured nearly every part of this country, staging electrifying live music performances with the Samawati Band. Currently, Teacher Beatrice is a music instructor at Kamata School of Music. Check out her music on youtube.

At Kamata Music School, we encourage ladies to join the Music Industry. We believe ladies can be Producers, DJs, Exceptional Photographers and more.

The Empowerment

Today, the presence of women in Kenyan music continues to grow rapidly. Female voices are coming, and veterans offer guidance and continuity; there is hope. We’re now firmly coming into times where there is more recognition of women from the listening public. Helping to break biases and fully usher in a new norm.

Women’s contributions to Kenyan music are essential and integral. Today, they are even more important and prevalent. With more women coming forward, and more veterans offering guidance, there is increased hope that we will eventually see the norm of women in music being the norm.

Kamata Music School doors are open to all ladies. Contact us and we will give you the skills to succeed.

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