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How to Succeed in the Film Industry

Film Industry
Filming in progress

The Kenyan film industry has improved in recent times. It is a significant industry where anyone with a passion can succeed.

According to a survey done by the Kenya Film Commission, the industry generates 12 billion in revenues annually. Additionally, it indicates that it could go higher in the coming years.  We can clearly see that this is a sector of success.

We have recently seen Kenyan films on movie streaming platforms. Netflix has acquired some of the movies done by Kenyans. One of the films that has taken the world by storm is called Country Queen. The series talks about the lives of ordinary Kenyans fighting against land-grabbing and corporate power. Other films produced in Kenya include 40 sticks, Just In Time, Nairobi Half-Life, Rafiki, Crime and Justice and more.

You can also succeed in this industry like some of the producers and actors. Since it’s a lucrative industry with so much potential to grow. Here are some of the things you need to succeed in this sector.

  • Passion and Skills

Like every other industry, skills are necessary for you to succeed. You need to have film production knowledge and its requirements. Additionally, passion and dedication can be of an advantage to you. You will need to have, good communication skills, script writing and reading skills. These skills can be acquired in the best entertainment schools.

  • Teamwork

In order to get the best film, whether short or long, a good team is critical. A cameraman, a director, actors, and actresses are some of the people you will need. A team that works together can produce an exceptional film. You will also need video editors who will make your film a masterpiece.

Film Industry
  • Proper equipment

Good cameras, microphones, lighting, computers, and software are some of the equipment you need.  They need not to be expensive at the beginning of your career. If you are an upcoming producer, you may need to invest in proper equipment.

You may also need proper handling of the equipment. The cameras and the other materials are your tools. Proper handling is very necessary to avoid unnecessary costs for repairs or buying another broken item.

  • Meet Other Film Makers In the Film Industry

The film industry is also a hub for connections. Meeting other filmmakers can help you learn more about the industry. You may need to attend film festivals and screening events. Joining a film could help launch your career.

  • Make Something

Try to make your own film, however short. Get people to see it and comment on it. This will help you learn a lot. Furthermore, it will make you improve your skills and style.


Those were some of the tips you need to succeed in the film industry. If you want to start your career in filming, join us and we will give you what you need to kickstart your filming journey.

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