DRUM LESSONS IN KENYA: Definition, techniques and importance.

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DRUM LESSONS IN KENYA: Definition, techniques and importance.

Drum lessons are an important part of learning to play the drums. Whether a student is just starting or has been playing for a while, taking drum lessons can help them become better at playing the instrument. Drum lessons involve teaching students the fundamentals of playing the drums. Moreover, it includes how to hold sticks, how to read music notation, and how to play basic rhythmic patterns.


  • Paradiddles, are drumming techniques that increase speed and coordination. They involve alternating between right and left hands in a variety of patterns. This technique is for creating complex rhythms, syncopations, and interesting grooves.
  • Rolls are drumming techniques that create a continuous, steady sound. It emphasizes the backbeat or creates an enthusiastic feeling in a song. Additionally, it provides a backdrop for fills and can help to add complexity to grooves
  • Rudiments are essential percussion techniques in drumming and are the foundation for many complex patterns. They involve playing a single-stroke roll, double-stroke roll, paradiddle, flam and more. Mastering rudiments allows drummers to expand their skills and create unique rhythms.
  • Double stroke is a drumming technique where the drummer strikes the drumhead twice in rapid succession with the same stick or hand. It’s used to create rhythmic accents and rolls and is also known as a double-stroke roll.

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Taking drum lessons is essential for any aspiring drummer. It enables one to become proficient at playing the instrument. This is done through quality instruction from an experienced instructor. The instructor provides a foundation in technique, theory, and improvisational skills. Drum lessons are essential in the following ways:

  1. It gives students the knowledge and skills to create their unique pieces of music on the drums.
  2. In addition, Students learn how to develop their signature style on the drums that are influenced by their tastes and interests.
  3. Furthermore, it covers improvisation techniques and ideas necessary for developing freedom in playing and helps bring out creativity.


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