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Kamata DJ Academy is the Best and highest rated institute of studying DJ in Kenya. We have trained the leading DJs in Kenya and their success in the entertainment industry speaks of the foundation that we set for our students.

Kamata DJ Academy.

With years of experience, a proven curriculum, world-class instructors, affordable pricing, and flexible class schedules, Kamata DJ Academy sets you ready for the world and DJ mastery. You will be a part of an amazing community of like-minded people in a competitive, mentor-heavy DJ learning environment.


Our DJ Academy program is the most comprehensive package for Deejaying in Nairobi Kenya. We train not only in DJ but also Video Mixing and Sound technique, all rolled up in one, at no additional charge. Our DJ program equips the student with valuable theoretical resources to tackle any challenge in a future career.

DJ School
DJ School

Kamata DJ Academy workshops and projects have been shown to increase musical intuition, self-confidence, and creativity. And of course Money! The ability to grow financially with Deejaying as a full-time job or as a side hustle is of primary importance in our style of training.

Besides the technical skills and art of Deejaying, we also teach our students how the entertainment industry works. We encourage all our students to join Entertainment Management class. This is a class that has been specially formed to help our students navigate the challenges of the entertainment industry, and ultimately make money and a living out of Deejaying and Entertainment.


The Entertainment Management class incorporates the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification by Google. This is to ensure that our students emerge with exemplary business skills, both online and in person.


DJ Academy


Kamata DJ Academy Lessons Structure

  • Time: A deejaying semester at Kamata DJ Academy takes 3 months.

  • Equipment: We are the only DJ Academy in Nairobi where you will learn how to use Turntables, DJ Controllers, and CDJs. All the equipment in Deejaying is available.

  • Class length: Each DJ class session takes 1 Hour. We also hold double sessions.

  • Coverage: We shall train you in DJ, Video Mixing, Sound set up, events execution and ultimately Entertainment Management.

  • Attachment: We give you field experience while you learn. We have partnered with Entertainment companies, media houses, and Entertainment joints to give our students attachments.

  • Entertainment Management: We have a special training called Entertainment Management where we equip you with business and marketing skills relevant in the entertainment industry. Get ready to take on any challenge in the field of Entertainment as a Top DJ.

  • Make Money: Kamata DJ Academy aims at ensuring that our students are not only equipped with technical skills but are also well prepared to monetize their skills in the business world.

  • Time Adjustment: The time scheduling of our DJ classes is flexible and adjustable. Your busy schedule is no reason to skip this great and enjoyable moment in life; Learning DJ’ing.

DJ Academy
DJ Lessons

Kamata DJ School has a well-tailored program to assist students to develop skills that will best place them in the market. Nairobi is a vibrant market for DJs with numerous events happening every day, entertainment joins spread across the city, and a mixture of budding and established media houses all require DJ services.

Kamata DJ School is set and committed to open the eyes of our students to package themselves appropriately in order to benefit from the many opportunities in this city and continent of Africa. The country and indeed the world is waiting for the next big breed of entertainers.

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You’re Most Welcome to join us.

Come join us for an unmatched DJing experience. Kamata School of DJs. Next Level Deejaying happens at Kamata School.

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  1. Hi, I Am Dancan From Nairobi South.I Love Music And Djing Is What I Want To Pursue Most. Kindly Share With Me The Fee Structure And The Procedure For Joining You. Thanks

  2. To whom it may concern.

    My name is collins ngugi, am looking to enroll for a dj class,what are the documents or how do i enrol for the class,how long does it take to do the whole course and how much do i have to pay for the whole course?
    Finally where are you situated? Where are the classes.,location

    Thank you

  3. Am intrested in studying deejaying at your school,can u send me the fee structure and how long is the course period take?

  4. Want to have this dj course soon possible. How and how much does it cost? Reply to:-josephkipkorir25@gmail.com. need full details of the course

  5. Hi steve from mumias and awould like to join yua academy, kindly sent me yua fee structure n yua email adress

  6. am intresting in dj carree,,, plz send mi fee structure ,and the duration of the course,,to nomber 0714097625

  7. How can one join the DJ academy
    Whats the fee structure like
    Any attachment opportunities ?
    What certification does one get

  8. i want to learn how to be a DJ and also a Guitarist…… please send me a fees outline and i will enroll with immediate effect. thank you and continue with the great work you guys are doing

  9. Type your comment here…I am intrested please just send me the fee structure thanks and i hope to see you during the December holiday

  10. Woooow I love ur DJ academy
    I av been having a great passion in DJ industry but unfortunately am not financial stable but ma dream is still on
    Woow I love your industry mwaaaah
    How can I join your DJ academy

  11. Hi i am really interested in joining your DJ school to learn how to Mix and Scratch etc. old school, and also with Serato etc.
    Please let me know how to join and send me a contact number to call you directly. thanks

  12. I like what I see n I’d like to join by January can u please email me ur location prices and information needed

  13. helloo i am james oswera anf i would lke to learn a DJ course, i just want your contacts and where i can find your academy

  14. Type your comment here…i would like to join..how are the charges and after learning will my career be put into practice that is job opportunity? ?

  15. I like the school of deeying and I would like for a sponsor since I cant be able to afford the fees am 19 yrs n am very good at virtual dj……hav mixtape if you are willing to help me out I will be very greatful

  16. Feel your pain. I get insomnia all the time. Since I’m gainfully unemployed right now it’s not much of an issue since I do;#8&217nt usually have to be anywhere, but even so it still sucks.

  17. hi guys,,am Nancy from Nairobi…am at UoN main campus and so much intrested in joining ua dj school please give me ua details…

  18. Hellow guys i’m Josh from Rwanda and i’d like to join your skul soon as possible
    please send all details about Djing option

    Thank you

  19. Like to know how much it is charged for the whole course nd how long does it take for the course of dejy’ing i have apassion in that bt av neva seen a good school

  20. highly interested and am willing to join the dj academy.how much does one pay at the end of every month and how long does it take to finish the whole program of becoming a dj

  21. Type your comment here…kindly send me the next intake,timings and fee for DJ classes hope to hear from you soon

  22. hae i am enquiring on the dj and music production course. could you send me the requirements and fee structure please

  23. I Have A Passion In Dj’ing.What Is The Total Fees Required And Duration For The Completion Of The Course and where are you located..reach me via.0717601320

  24. I Have A Passion In Dj’ing.What Is The Total Fees Required And Duration For The Completion Of The Course?Thanks

  25. I’m so interested of joining your academy, how long does it take for me to be qualified?, how much does it cost?, and where are you situated?, and what are the qualifications required?! Please wanna know much from you

  26. How much is fee and how long does the course take. Do this school have specific dates of intake or it just a local business that once you have paid you are free to join training? I will be glad to receive quick respond back since i have develop interest join as soon i got the feedback.

  27. Ebu pliz niambie wapi naeza mpata…..kuscratch ndo nataka…I want to be a professional DJ…0715421648 hit mi up please..are you in Nyeri,.

  28. Ebu pliz niambie wapi naeza mpata…..kuscratch ndo nataka…I want to be a professional DJ…0715421648 hit mi up please

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