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Find your perfect music teacher to drive on your dream and passion despite your tight schedule or distance. Learning music all on your own often proves to be a frustrating process. No need to worry, we got your back.

As part of our Distance Learning program, we shall equip you with relevant materials; videos, audio tutorials and books. A tutor allocated to you guides you on how to utilize the materials. You shall have a few one on one or small group sessions with your tutor. The tutor follows through to ensure you are progressing. Our program ensures that as you ‘Drive Yourself’ you are Not Alone, you have a guide who understands and addresses any challenges you may encounter in your musical journey and from time to time reviews your progress. Live your dream, make use of this opportunity to do it at your convenience. Call us, email or register online. Let’s get started, don’t push it to another day, Start Now!

Distance Learning

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