Kamata Music School offers the best saxophone lessons in the region. Besides, the saxophone is a delicate instrument and might cause damage enough. Hence, will make it hard or even impossible to be able to produce some of the notes. Therefore, Kamata Music School will guide you in two main areas are two main areas include;

  • first, where do not grab your horn the thumb hook and the octave key. because this area is very delicate and can be damaged.
  • Secondly, the octave key is on the left side of the saxophone and is used to produce higher notes. This key is also very delicate and can be easily damaged.


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Our saxophone lessons include both theory and practical. This aids students in learning sax notation, allowing them to read and play comfortably.

Requirement for saxophone lessons;

  • Alto saxophone
  • Saxophone neck strap/sling
  • Alto saxophone reeds (strength no. 1 or 1.5)

saxophone lesson duration;

Our saxophone lessons are 1 hour long. Therefore, we hold 2 or 3 sessions per week, with more time for practice on Saturdays.

Besides, days and times are agreed upon between the teacher and the student. Thus the program takes 3 months, totalling 36 days to complete the program.

We can change the training period if the student is unavailable during the course.

We offer private instruction with a budget-friendly and convenient approach.

Key guidelines while learning saxophone;

  • Turn the flat side of the mouthpiece so it’s facing you.
  •  Wet the reed by putting the thin end in your mouth.
  •  Put your ligature on the mouthpiece.

Things to remember while playing the saxophone;

  • The flat side of the reed goes against the flat side of the mouthpiece
  • The reed is right below the end of the mouthpiece.
  •  Once the reed is in place, tighten the ligature to hold it there.

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