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Best Recording Studio In Kenya

Choosing the Best recording studio is one of the most important things for an artist, without a doubt. It is essential to have a say in what you want your finished product to be and how you want your Producers to go about executing that vision.

Kamata Records is the best studio and where it all starts. After composing your music, we find creative ways to make your music become a hit. We will give you a mix that will enable you to compete with the big players.

We offer a unique combination of high-quality service and expertise. This makes us well-suited for any project.

Best Recording Studio in Nairobi
Best Recording Studio in Kenya

Best Recording Studio Services

  • Recording Studio

Kamata Records can accommodate any recording. We have a well-equipped Recording Studio in the region, and we will make sure your project turns out exactly how you want it to be.

  • Mixing and Mastering

If you already have your tracks recorded, but need everything brought together professionally, look no further. Kamata Records has experienced staff who can take any level of recording and polish them for you. We also have modern equipment and software with which many hit songs have been recorded. You can be confident that we have the right experience and tools to take your track to another level.

  • Production

Our Production Team offers a range of services depending on what your project needs. We can create tracks that can go well with your composition. For a project, whether large or small, our production team will handle it.

  • Editing

Wherever your project is, we can help take it to the next level. We do denoising, vocal tuning, time correction, and a variety of ways to help clean up and organise your recording sessions.

Experience The Best Recording Studio

  • Best Recording Studio Equipment

We have the right modern equipment to provide a smooth Recording Studio Service. Our equipment is on par with other recording studios. We are always updating our equipment based on the demands of modern production.

  • Experienced Team

Our team will work tirelessly to make your project shine. We have worked on different styles of music, hence making us prepared for any project you bring to us.

  • Affordable Rates

We offer better sound recording services for less. We try to work with our customers’ budgets. Additionally, we know how to best utilise your time in the studio.

  • Creative Environment

Kamata Records is surrounded by creative minds. As a result, you will get the best service to make your creation a Master Piece.


Come to Kamata Recording Studio and see how best we can help take your next creative project to new heights.


For Booking Contact us on 0722137784 or 0700070707. Visit us at QUEENSWAY House 2nd Flr. Along Kaunda Street (Off Kimathi Street). Near Hilton Hotel Nairobi.


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