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The best DJ lessons in Nairobi are offered at Kamata music school. Moreover, our DJ Academy offers a variety of courses that are designed to teach students the art of DJing. Thus we offer our courses in both English and Swahili. besides, our DJ Academy has a faculty of experienced DJs who are passionate about teaching DJing. Hence our faculty is have tutors who are country-renowned DJs and the founder of the DJ Academy. Our DJ studio is equipped with the latest DJ equipment and software.

Best DJ School-Kamata music school
Kamata DJ Academy

 Kamata music school’s basic requirements for DJ lessons;

  • No experience is needed to start Dj lessons, therefore, if you enjoy music and want to learn a new skill you can take it anywhere!
  • Our DJ lessons are great for people who have a DJ controller
  • Kamata music school DJ techniques apply to any DJ software or DJ equipment, buttons and dials

Kamata music school DJ lesson guideline

1.  The Structure of Music;

  • Our structure of music is what allows us to create DJ sets that flow and keep the energy up. 

2.  Beat Matching & Sync ;

  • To start, you‘ll need two tracks that you want to mix.
  • Once you have your two tracks, you‘ll want to start by finding the tempo of each track.

what after our learners have mastered the DJ techniques?

Finding Music To Play;

  • Our music school will help our students how to find music and keep up to date.

DJ Equipment – Kamata music school will guide you on recommended equipment when DJing and give my reasons why.

Building Your Brand – we help our learners in building a DJ brand, including things such as coming up with a DJ name, designing a DJ logo, and putting your mixes online.

Kamata Dj Academy lesson structure;

  • Duration-  Our semester of deejaying at the Academy takes 3 months.
  • Class duration: Each DJ class session takes 1 Hour. We also hold double sessions.
  • We have a wellequipped DJ studio, with turntables, CDJs, DJ controllers, and a sound system.
  • And you will learn how to use all this equipment, and how to mix and scratch records.
  • We offer a variety of courses, from beginner to advanced, and from oneday workshops to fulltime courses.
  • Our courses are designed by professional DJs and are taught by experienced DJs and producers.
  • We are the only DJ Academy in Nairobi that is endorsed by Pioneer DJ. Accessible DJ equipment.

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