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DJ Courses at Kamata School of Music


The Best DJ Courses in Kenya are offered at Kamata School of Music. The School is renowned for having trained some of the most outstanding DJs in Kenya. Kamata DJ School has also trained many students from different countries in Africa. You are assured of exemplary growth from the first day you step in Kamata DJ School.

Deejaying is all about having fun and playing around with music.

The deejay industry is very wide. This is because there are many types of DJs and each deejaying category finds a space in the entertainment world.. DJs play a vital role in the entertainment industry, and quite literally, they are the life of the party.

The different kinds of DJs are:

  • The Club DJ, The performer (Turntablist),
  • The Mobile DJ – This is a DJ who performs in events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate functions
  • Mainstream Media DJ. A mainstream media DJ works in a radio station or T.V.
  • Online D.J. – The digital age has presented an opportunity for D.J.s to perform, make money and gain a fan base online.
  • Mixtape DJ. This DJ creates music mixes to be used in commercial settings, played in cars, and streamed in online platforms.



The DJ industry requires a focused approach to execute tasks towards building a successful DJ career. This is where Kamata DJ School comes in; to hold your hand and open the skies for you.

Thus, if you would like to be an incredible DJ, you have to learn what is required of you to excel in this industry. Allow us to help you pinpoint the area you want to specialize in.


Period:  Deejay training takes 6 months divided into 2 semesters of 3 months each. We encourage you to proceed on and study Entertainment Management. This is a training packaged to help you navigate the entertainment industry in Kenya and beyond.


Benefits of enrolling at Kamata Dj Academy:

  • Personalized attention to your skills development.
  • Flexible class schedule.
  • Exotic music genres to choose from.
  • Industry-standard equipment.
  • Highly qualified instructors.
  • Professionalism
  • Hospitable and friendly people at Kamata School of Music.


Course Objective:

  1. Serato, Rekordbox, Sony Acid, Sony Vegas & other industry-standard DJ Software
  2. Scratch Techniques and beat juggling
  3. How to Grow your DJ Business & Industry connections


Welcome to Kamata DJ School. We are family, and love to see family members prosper and excel. Join us today, call us on 0722137784


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