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Kamata Music, Media, and Sports School is the best fine arts school in Kenya. We have the best music lessons in Nairobi, the best media classes one can hack into and the best sports training one can receive! Sports has its uniqueness and importance in our day to day lives. It has its advantages to kids and adults. ‘

When I used to be a kid, I liked playing rough games. Besides the rough games I liked playing, I loved running. I was this kid who got home full of sweat. I also got home full of dirt. I was so alive and full of energy. The funniest thing is what those rough games and running did to me. Something, a part of me that cannot change because I have never seen it change. I wasn’t lousy when I was a kid. I was as active as I can imagine and remember. Today I have a healthy weight, I have confidence in myself, I have a better vision and I am a sportsman! Various advantages are related to the involvement of Kids in sports. These advantages have been discussed in the following segment of this article.


  1. Healthy Weight

Kids who are more active in sports have a healthy weight. Today in this era so full of junk food, more and more children are becoming obese. From my observation today and what I can remember about most of the kids I grew up with, lousy kids tend to have some extra weight. More scientific data supports this idea. It has been statistically proven that active kids who are playful and into sporting activities have a healthy weight. I was one of those kids, and I am an adult today with a healthy weight.


  1. Skills development

Sports require lots of coordination. One has to coordinate the movement of his or her body, communicate with fellow playmates and also work on scoring a goal for example. The coordination of these skills is very essential due to its impact on the development of kids. Kids who are into sports from a young age develop skills in them that are essential at survival.


  1. Self-confidence

Confidence especially self-confidence is very important. As much as it does seem like an easy thing to have, confidence is a virtue that is not with many people. There are very many things that one can be able to accomplish in life if he or she has confidence. This could be getting that new deal, making new friends and many other things that can be achieved through confidence. Kids who have active participation in sports have a great sense of self-confidence in them. They are playful, jovial, courageous and have the guts of doing things that can amaze many people.

  1. Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is a virtue that is learned and put into practice. It is a very important virtue worth having. Great sportsmen have respect, self-control, and discipline. Kids who are active in sports get to learn the rules of the game, they get to respect their coaches and referees. These are very important aspects of life. One thing I cannot fail to mention is this one important virtue in sportsmen. Staying positive! Kids who get involved in sports get this very fine quality. They learn to stay positive even at that state where they lose valuable life lessons! This is one of the virtues that attract success!


Among the advantages related to sports and fine arts experienced by kids is a better vision, fun and enjoyment and lastly how it helps them build friendships. Let us allow our kids to take part in sports and see their lives have a positive impulse! Kamata Music, Media, and Sports School is here and more than willing to help you keep your kids healthy and fit. Bring your kids to our school and we will train them sportsmanship!

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