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Learning music is fun! Let’s get started

Kamata Music School is a one-stop destination for music lessons. We are located in the heart of Nairobi for easy accessibility to anyone from any part of the country. We provide a wide range of music classes for students of all ages.

Our school offers classes for both beginners and advanced students alike. We have many different instruments available for those who want to learn how to play them effectively. Such instruments include guitars, violins, keyboards and drums. We also have teachers who specialize in teaching different instruments or genres of music. You will get to choose any instrument you desire. Get started learning how to play them right away!

Music- guitar lessons
A music student taking guitar lessons
  • Qualified professionals

The best part about our lessons is that they’re taught by experienced professionals. They know everything about music mastery as well as what it takes for you to become an expert musician yourself! In addition, we have an excellent faculty which includes professional musicians as well as teachers who are experts in their fields. This will ensure that you get a perfect learning experience every time you visit this institution.

  • Facilities

Moreover, there are several other facilities provided by our institution. They include workshops on different topics related to music like composition, orchestration etc. So, this will help you become a better musician after completing your studies with us.

Also, we are dedicated to providing you with quality music education. What’s more, our instructors are experienced professionals who are passionate about music and teaching. They strive to create a learning environment that will encourage you to explore your creativity and develop your musical skills.

  • Variety of classes

In addition, our school will offer you a variety of music lessons, including classical, jazz, and popular music. Private lessons will be available if you want to focus on a particular instrument or style of music. Furthermore, group classes are also available if you want to learn with others.

  • Student workshops

What’s more, Kamata Music School will offer workshops and special events throughout the year. These events will help you explore different styles of music and develop your skills. We also host concerts and recitals, allowing you to perform.

  • Affordable prices

Lastly, our prices are extremely affordable and we have flexible payment options available. Our mission is to provide quality education to all students. Those who wish to learn how to play an instrument or sing. We hope that you will be inspired by our passion for music as you experience your first step into this wonderful world of sounds?.

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