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Reasons Every Child Should Learn A Music Instrument.


Music is considered a co-curricular lesson in Kenya. In fact, it has not been embraced by many African parents. Recently, the government introduced the Competency-Based Curriculum. This form of education focuses on maturing kids’ talents, abilities, and skills. This will be pretty efficient in making the children discover their abilities.

Children learning how to play a musical instrument has its benefits. Encourage this at school and at home. Learning how to play a musical instrument is enriching; playing a musical instrument from an early age is helpful for children in many ways.

Here are some of the reasons your child should learn a musical instrument.

  • Builds Confidence

Children get comfortable with expressing themselves when playing an instrument. As they continue to learn, they will be comfortable performing in front of their friends or a large audience.

  • Enhances Creativity

Practising music is a creative activity. A child’s creative side is enhanced by learning to play an instrument. When your children practise, they must put some of their personality into it. This way, they can show what creativity is inside them.

  • Improves Memory

Playing an instrument helps children remember and create better, by storing and retrieving memories more efficiently. Additionally, research shows that playing an instrument can help children build cognitive skills, like attention and memory, that are important for school success.

  • Instils Discipline

Children who start learning a musical instrument early on can practise and improve their skills over time. They learn to work hard, persevere, and accomplish goals with persistence and patience. This is a valuable life experience that can last a lifetime.

  • Enhances Concentration

When you play an instrument, you need to be able to think quickly and efficiently. Kids must learn how to read music and convert notes into physical motions. Whether in guitar lessons or other musical instruments. Consequently, their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and ability to think on their feet improve.


Bring your child to Kamata Music School piano lessons or whatever type of instrument he identifies with and notice the profound change in his development and personality/behaviour!

We accept kids ages 6 and above. The sessions can be taken on Saturdays or during the holidays.

We are located at QUEENSWAY House 2nd Flr. Along Kaunda Street, off Kimathi Street. Near Hilton Hotel.

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